tag nameimx-dt-3.15 (b6f3c5381407d70d724fb71747fcdc4f7482695f)
tag date2014-02-09 21:35:16 +0800
tagged byShawn Guo <>
tagged objectcommit ee97d154f0...
i.MX device tree changes for 3.15:
- New SoC device tree support for imx35 and imx50 - A good number of new board support: imx25-eukrea, imx28-duckbill, imx28-eukrea, Eukrea cpuimx35, imx50-evk, imx51-eukrea, imx53-voipac, MCIMX53-START-R and Ka-Ro TX53. - Quite some updates and tweaking on imx27 phycore and apf27dev boards - Add pinfunc headers for imx25, imx27 and imx50 - Make pinctrl nodes board specific to avoid floating board specific device tree blob with so many unused pinctrl data - Use generic node name for fixed regulator - Use clock defines in imx5 DTS files - Use macros for interrupt and gpio flags - A plenty of random updates on various SoC and board device tree sources, adding pinctrl settings, device nodes, properties, aliases. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) iQEcBAABAgAGBQJS94QdAAoJEFBXWFqHsHzO9KkH/i23jhVVQcb2XXh81moW1LAM QsPn3MpdPqTi3XDZ7mbsFlMJrucs1tHhMbnx9vI3Sc3IUtc/GPMqrF3CUwgd+hpZ TfA79oJPeDYAj/7JqqsEnhQyBvlsUf4xdqFs8N0A0YxN9xfVtumpWHHFlOU2s3IW tLczVI2dtXEzvvrFXlQtGv/fKKGZKzohwtbn4lE0CopeqGihvBBNr/v1SpoTm91S Qxs+5hZR8GOmtatUPnirE9Di4U4T0cYcpBqk9iCWUQ2fvPNrk9/AE7zaohcX6z68 tUI2l8iU/fMx5t84m1brK/aVD+tRI9qRaUJficCshMzZz/kqSIR/hRkY6uecB0A= =CCqs -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----