tag nameimx-dt-3.18 (ffb0a53c522f1598743a1391cbcaf3070bbee9ed)
tag date2014-09-16 11:40:58 +0800
tagged byShawn Guo <>
tagged objectcommit 2b2244a3e7...
The i.MX device tree changes for 3.18:
- Device tree support for i.MX ADS and Armadeus APF9328 boards - Enable thermal sensor support for i.MX6SL - Add LCD support for i.MX6SL EVK board - Fix display duplicate name for a bunch of board dts files - Configure imx6qdl-sabresd board pins locally to remove the dependency on bootloader - A set of imx28-tx28 board dts updates from Lothar - Add pci config space as platform resource - Enable devices RTC, I2C and HDMI for nitrogen6x board - Split HummingBoard DT to support s/dl and d/q - mSATA and IR input support for HummingBoard - Add SSI baud clock for i.MX6 device trees - Add USB support for vf610-colibri and vf610-twr boards - A set of cleanup and updates on Gateworks boards -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQEcBAABAgAGBQJUF7RZAAoJEFBXWFqHsHzOFUgH/i/9xApJoCS4X5HcnS3p0uYO XLu9qkl4BgvlWTehOQlBBn4Nitv9A2b23BFkZ73+FMiM43NgEXTpitt1oTdO57tA lmOrtlIeKFGjLLwqBu0WL01VKaH7O6B4Qe09xv/Zx3wz4yYC9l/T23yQ/Z/UFJQT afqyzMrfzKd0WyE4RsuL/Ir94K9Y0FzWV1u8mhupYlqDdMop27XZRMD2CHs3W9PI v3c7hjXT4RtLdmvHWUSVg5xwBE7ntYysv7KlEsBebSQ6dkl5vIWDO37yuGQjUAB5 v/Ro63UwM/wPqzq50VESG5c4/OWqz+xLN0r9z+csapDcezO86dCceeek0+qyjvY= =svCp -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----