tag nameimx-dt-3.20 (76f2618d1592daebfbcff45768310a234476f79c)
tag date2015-01-23 16:34:30 +0800
tagged byShawn Guo <>
tagged objectcommit 16baf8ddd8...
The i.MX device tree update for 3.20:
- Update i.MX6 operating-points setting in device tree to match the latest i.MX6 data sheet - Add i.MX6SX sabreauto board support - Add imx6dl-udoo board support based off imx6q-udoo - Update sabrelite board to include I2C and HDMI support - Update the VPU compatible strings to also use cnm,coda<model> - Remove the ocram clock from the VPU node, as the clock is already provided inside the ocram node - Add system reset controller and syscon-reboot for VF610 - Update VF610 device tree to use zero based naming for GPIO nodes, so that the number scheme matches hardware manual - A number of random device additions like watchdog for VF610, sahara for i.MX53, QSPI for imx6sx-sdb board, etc. Note: the branch imx/soc was merged into imx/dt because the SNVS device tree node needs to refer to the new clock ID added by the imx/soc patch. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQEcBAABAgAGBQJUwg4gAAoJEFBXWFqHsHzO1NIH/AlXPcZZQM8sYbHrvWXmvVTM JstCR6XjVvOqT9zdFbEzdgpFGvu1oSDer8tOk00hL1NZYzHJRmTr/wgNP6tsvQ0F uoRj62B+WaMMcFanTbSdzh0tJtp7HZyFkJwjWRIL76bmd4VBsHXCPw4tr3oeDLzm x62SP14eSevV8ydlZj4TA2Ej7SxV6esdPLGeylZldXKTvo8AUH9sYN/BAz7WXfYH wfQ8owW/ql7YyCSRVdhSoeGG4H9qJA9M/CdwofsorLONkUx0nrBPRQfku5Uvf8Op fydbEbZ0LAkqIVnHcLi8xgBDhjjS/7glHSx4tp+mxtDcIMzAzfAtjyrawheWqQE= =ni1W -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----