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image_type_tezi.bbclass: drop teziimg-distro image type
We have decided to drop boot partition from EMMC/RAWNAND devices for all Torizoncore images, in which case, we dont have to maintain a extra image type teziimg-distro for Torizoncore, let's drop it. This patch would not introduce any functional change to teziimg images, just aims to drop all Torizoncore related code. Introduce two new variables to make teziimg more extendable: - TEZI_ROOT_NAME: the end user could choose rootfs image name, for instance, "rootfs", "ota". - TEZI_USE_BOOTFILES: the end user could decide if a boot partition should be created for EMMC device. Related-to: TOR-1334 Signed-off-by: Ming Liu <> (cherry picked from commit 048fa23d795bbaf4ab31f3f5340ce64839b0e525)
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