AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-16mx8: defconfig: adapt based on what we did on downstreamHEADmasterMax Krummenacher
2021-12-16defconfigs: adapt based on what we did on 5.4.yMax Krummenacher
2021-12-16linux-toradex-mainline: switch to use kernel.orgMax Krummenacher
2021-12-02linux-toradex-mainline: drop inc fileMax Krummenacher
2021-12-02libusbgx: use https protocolMax Krummenacher
2021-11-22libusbgx: load kernelmodules and mount configfsMax Krummenacher
2021-11-22libusbgx: prevent warningMax Krummenacher
2021-11-22u-boot-toradex: colibri-imx7: boot linux kernel in non-secure/secure modeMax Krummenacher
2021-11-16u-boot: bbappend: add toradex postprocessingMax Krummenacher
2021-11-16linux-toradex-mainline: fix conflict resolutionMax Krummenacher
2021-11-15apalis-imx8x: drop support for apalis imx8xMax Krummenacher
2021-11-15linux-toradex-mainline: bump version to patch-level 154Philippe Schenker
2021-11-15image_type_tezi: increase kernel NAND to 12MBFrancesco Dolcini
2021-11-15machine: Drop legacy imx8x b0 silicon based machinesMax Krummenacher
2021-11-15rngd-tools:disable jitterentropy to avoid high cpu usage at startupNaeem Khan
2021-11-15Bump SRCREVci.toradex
2021-09-05linux-toradex-mainline: use stable link to grab rt patchPhilippe Schenker
2021-09-05devicetree: MACHINE_PREFIX: add colibri-imx6ullOleksii Bidnichenko
2021-09-05Bump SRCREVci.toradex
2021-09-05libusbgx: bump revisionMing Liu
2021-09-05Manual fixes after override syntax changeMax Krummenacher
2021-08-30Manual fixes after override syntax changeSamuli Piippo
2021-08-14layer: convert to new override syntaxMax Krummenacher
2021-08-14udev: colibri-imx6ull: provide emmc symlink rulesMax Krummenacher
2021-08-14udev: 99-toradex.rules: improve sd-card rulesPhilippe Schenker
2021-08-08colibri-imx6ull-emmc: add machine specific overrides and filesMax Krummenacher
2021-08-08udev: correct typo in commentMax Krummenacher
2021-08-08Bump SRCREVci.toradex
2021-08-08util-linux: add separate bbappend to support fstrim serviceDenys Drozdov
2021-07-18u-boot-distro-boot: fix nfs bootingMarcel Ziswiler
2021-07-18linux-toradex-mainline: bump the kernel version to 5.4.129Oleksandr Suvorov
2021-07-08linux-toradex: integrate bbappend into the recipeMax Krummenacher
2021-07-08linux-toradex-mainline: integrate bbappend into the recipeMax Krummenacher
2021-07-08Bump SRCREVci.toradex
2021-07-08udev: colibri-imx7: sync emmc and nand udev rulesOleksandr Suvorov
2021-06-05layer.conf: add honister to compat layerMax Krummenacher
2021-06-04Bump SRCREVci.toradex
2021-05-24image_type_tezi: handle emmc being mmcblk2Max Krummenacher
2021-05-24recipes-core: udev: add hardware stable symlinks for sd-cardPhilippe Schenker
2021-05-24toradex-sanity.bbclass: introduce bbclass fileMing Liu
2021-05-24Bump SRCREVci.toradex
2021-05-24systemd-conf: decrease maximum journald storage usage to 16MSergio Prado
2021-05-24image_type_tezi.bbclass: introduce TEZI_AUTO_INSTALLMing Liu
2021-05-24linux-toradex-mainline: uprev to get newest configMax Krummenacher
2021-05-24Bump SRCREV hashes as used in build of Sat Apr 3 03:25:09 UTC 2021ci.toradex
2021-05-24verdin-imx8mp: udev: add symlink rules for native hdmi i2cMax Krummenacher
2021-05-24u-boot-distro-boot: explicitly use bootm for booting fitImageMing Liu
2021-05-24toradex-fitimage.bbclass: build configuration for image tree when dtb is not ...Ming Liu
2021-05-24tezi-metadata: set SSTATE_DUPWHITELISTMing Liu
2021-05-24verdin-imx8mm: udev: correct symlink to adc raw dataMax Krummenacher