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@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@ Release Notes: Linux Image V2.x for Colibri T30
-- U-Boot 2014.10 boot loader
+- U-Boot 2015.04 boot loader
- Linux 3.1.10 kernel, based on NVIDIA's Linux for Tegra (L4T) release R16.5
-- Angstrom/OpenEmbedded/Yocto 2014.06/daisy/1.6 based root file system, using
+- Angstrom/OpenEmbedded/Yocto 2014.12/dizzy/1.7 based root file system, using
LXDE desktop environment
==> Flashing instructions can be found at the very bottom of this release notes
@@ -15,6 +15,62 @@ Licensing:
- customer required to obtain proper re-distribution license
+Linux Image V2.4 Beta 1 (May 18, 2015)
+- U-Boot:
+ - update to U-Boot 2015.04
+ - add generic Toradex config block handling, print exact product description,
+ board revision and serial number to the console
+ - add command to restore Toradex config block ("cfgblock create")
+ - optionally create device-tree properties which make board information
+ available from within Linux userspace through procfs (/proc/device-tree/
+ serial-number, toradex,board-rev and toradex,product-id)
+- Linux kernel:
+ - integrate NVIDIA L4T R16.5
+ - optional ADV7280 analogue video decoder support
+ - fix eMMC issues by retrying commands up to 10 times
+ - media: fix work of analog cameras
+ - enable module versioning support
+ - initial support for IT modules
+ - fix/improve optional 1-wire driver
+ - SPI driver fix number of words in transfer
+ - cleaned-up module configuration/deployment
+ - SGTL5000 analogue audio codec driver improvements
+- Linux user-space:
+ - update OpenEmbedded from daisy to dizzy:
+ - glibc 2.20 (instead of eglibc)
+ - systemd 2.18
+ - Xorg 1.14.7
+ - updated various LXDE packages to newer versions
+ - libgstomx fix to validate input frame rate
+ - build tegrarcm using static cryptopp library to avoid issues e.g. on 64-bit
+ Fedora
+ - replace full NTP daemon with systemd's NTP client only systemd-timesyncd
+ - blacklist USB RNDIS for connman, use systemd-networkd to configure RDNIS
+ network interface (new standard IP of the module is!)
+ - enable BusyBox resize command to resize the terminal on serial console
+ - optionally deploy device-tree
+- sources tag Colibri_T30_LinuxImageV2.4Beta1_20150518
+ - repository linux-toradex branch tegra
+ - repository u-boot-toradex branch 2015.04-toradex
+- mount point names changed from /media/<block device name> to /media<label>
+- no SD boot integration yet but copying cbootimage to beginning of SD card
+ will at least boot
+Known Issues:
+- connecting an analogue mic to the on module codec resets the codec, so that
+ neither headphone out nor mic in works anymore. Workaround: Have mic
+ connected before boot or change the output source between DAC/LineIn
+- on first boot the resizing process adversely affects system performance for
+ the first few minutes until completed
+- flash_eth.img requires manual splitting of the root.ext3 file.
+ see the colibri-t30_bin/flash_eth.scr script
+- LP1 suspend might fail due to pending USB interrupts
+- LP1 suspend might hang due to display controller issue
Linux Image V2.3 Beta 5 (December 19, 2014)
- U-Boot:
- no changes
@@ -444,11 +500,11 @@ Notes:
- eMMC: partition 1: vfat with kernel, partition 2 ext3 root file system
- opkg package manager
- HDMI aka DVI-D: not all pixel clock frequencies allow for HDMI audio
-- CRT: the T30 internal video DAC output is unsupported by NVIDIA's L4T Linux SW
- stack
+- CRT: the T30 internal video DAC output is unsupported by NVIDIA's L4T Linux
+ SW stack
- Linux host used for update preparation requires proper 32-bit execution
- environment (e.g. install ia32-libs on 64-bit Ubuntu), awk and libcryptopp
- (e.g. install gawk and libcrypto++ on Ubuntu)
+ environment (e.g. install ia32-libs on 64-bit Ubuntu), awk and libusb
+ (e.g. install gawk and libusb-1.0-0 on Ubuntu)
Working on latest image:
- U-Boot boot loader
@@ -517,9 +573,9 @@ eMMC Boot: Colibri T30 V1.1b, V1.1c, V1.1d or V1.1e (Sample)
Initial Preparation:
- download and extract Colibri_T30_LinuxImageVx.yz.tar.bz2 package with root
-- use any VFAT formatted SD resp. micro D card with at least 1000 MB of free
+- use any VFAT formatted SD resp. micro SD card with at least 1000 MB of free
-- run script with optional -o argument pointing to mount point of
+- run script with -o argument pointing to mount point of
above mentioned card
Flash eMMC:
@@ -535,9 +591,9 @@ Flash eMMC:
- apply power or reset
- hit any key to stop auto booting
- if you update from a previous image use the following U-Boot commands:
- setenv drive 1
- setenv setupdate 'mmc dev ${drive}; fatload mmc ${drive}:1 ${loadaddr} flash_mmc.img; source ${loadaddr}'
- save
+ setenv drive 1
+ setenv setupdate 'mmc dev ${drive}; mmc rescan; fatload mmc ${drive}:1 ${loadaddr} flash_blk.img; source ${loadaddr}'
+ saveenv
- use 'run setupdate' U-Boot command and then
- use 'run update' U-Boot command
- If you updated from an older image:
@@ -572,8 +628,8 @@ If the boot loader on the module got corrupted this recovers it by loading U-Boo
- Iris & EvalBoard V3.1a OK, for other carrier boards see
- have the module in recovery mode and load U-Boot over USB to the module's RAM:
- - lsusb should show a 0955:7130 NVidia Corp. device if the module is in recovery mode
+ - lsusb should show a '0955:7130 NVidia Corp.' device if the module is in recovery mode
- run ./ -d
- stop at the U-Boot prompt and begin the update as stated above
-Toradex, February 12, 2014
+Toradex, May 19, 2015