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@@ -43,6 +43,10 @@ Linux Image V2.3 Beta 3 (October 31, 2014)
- repository linux-toradex branch tegra
- repository u-boot-toradex branch 2014.10-toradex
+- As we no longer rely on proprietary Fastboot/NvFlash for flashing the
+ instructions at the very bottom of this release notes changed.
Known Issues:
- connecting an analogue mic to the on module codec resets the codec, so that
neither headphone out nor mic in works anymore. Workaround: Have mic
@@ -51,7 +55,7 @@ Known Issues:
- LP1 suspend might fail due to pending USB interrupts
- LP1 suspend might hang due to display controller issue
- partition resizing on first boot not working
-- fw_printenv not working
+- fw_setenv not working
Linux Image V2.3 Beta 1 (August 4, 2014)
@@ -490,7 +494,7 @@ Flash eMMC:
- hit any key to stop auto booting
- if you update from a previous image use the following U-Boot commands:
setenv drive 1
- setenv setupdate 'mmc dev ${drive}; fatload mmc ${drive}:1 ${loadaddr} flash_mmc.img; source'
+ setenv setupdate 'mmc dev ${drive}; fatload mmc ${drive}:1 ${loadaddr} flash_mmc.img; source ${loadaddr}'
- use 'run setupdate' U-Boot command and then
- use 'run update' U-Boot command
@@ -530,4 +534,4 @@ If the boot loader on the module got corrupted this recovers it by loading U-Boo
- run ./ -d
- stop at the U-Boot prompt and begin the update as stated above
-Toradex, November 3, 2014
+Toradex, November 5, 2014