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2013-09-22inhibit missing debug info warnings in binary packageMax Krummenacher
2013-09-22gpioconfig: fix RDEPENDS to include ${PN}Max Krummenacher
2013-02-05GPIOConfig: Colibri-t30 GPIO to SODIMM assignmentMax Krummenacher
- Colibri T30 V1.1 has a different assignment of GPIO to SODIMM pins
2013-01-22GPIOConfig: fix issues with T30Max Krummenacher
- fix GPIO numbers > 222 not working correctly - fix handling of tristate - fix strings for first alternate function
2012-10-18update the binary applications to use hard float abiMax Krummenacher
2012-06-19Add binary package of GPIOConfig, TegrastatsMax Krummenacher
Add udev-late-mount
2012-06-19Update to new NV binary packages L4T R15Max Krummenacher
Removed nvrm_deamon and corresponding init.d script Kernel from
2012-06-03Initial commitMax Krummenacher