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2014-10-06colibri-imx6: refactor recipes for new moduleMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04images: fix BAD_RECOMMENDATIONSMax Krummenacher
BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS seems to not work if more than one package is given and all packages get installed. So only give one. On top of that, if a package is available from multiple feeds the package gets installed.
2014-08-04angstrom-lxde-image: remove gnome-disk-utility for vfMax Krummenacher
Don't install gnome-disk-utility on Vybrid based modules to save space.
2014-08-04GPIOConfig: update to latest binariesMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04colibri-vf: image: add u-boot-fw-utilsMax Krummenacher
u-boot-fw-utils allows for U-Boot environmenmt access from Linux
2014-08-04images: add gstreamer-rtp-manager and unclutterMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04apalis-imx6: image: add packagesMax Krummenacher
u-boot-fw-utils allows for U-Boot environmenmt access from Linux gpio-export exports the unused GPIOs usb-rndis sets up RNDIS and a DHCP server on the usb0 NIC
2014-08-04apalis-imx6: append to GSTREAMER packagesMax Krummenacher
Use the available set of GSTREAMER packages and append the i.MX6 specific ones to the list instead of providing a new list
2014-08-04images: consitently use append for machine specific packagesMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04images: rely on distro for update-alternativesMax Krummenacher fix DEPENDSMax Krummenacher
Append instead of overwritting the DEPENDS variable.
2014-08-04image: change logic in manifest deploymentMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04image: fix typo in IMAGE_NAME_apalis-t30Max Krummenacher
2014-08-04gnome-disk-utility: add to image explicitelyMax Krummenacher
gnome-disk-utility is no longer implicitely included.
2014-08-04images: update to comply with V2.3 / daisyMax Krummenacher
Set image version to V2.3 do_rootfs is now written in python, so no appends with shell scripts. Replace appends with new tasks. Set the default systemd target on images that launch X as this is no longer the default. Remove the unneeded LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
2014-08-04gpioconfig: add dummy binary for unsupported machinesMax Krummenacher
Avoids WARNING: Unable to get checksum for gpioconfig SRC_URI entry GPIOConfig: file could not be found during recipe parse by providing a dummy GPIOConfig. The dummy displays a popup with a button that says that the program is not available on this machine.
2014-08-04timestamp-service: change to new timestamp formatMax Krummenacher
Patch pending in meta-angstrom
2014-08-04base-files: use /dev/root in /etc/fstab for systemd supportMax Krummenacher
follow openembedded-core commit c509f948d9c575c45af8c5ed1cb1692c0ca5dade systemd does not recognize "rootfs" in /etc/fstab so the root filesystem is not checked. As a result, the following message is logged by journalctl: systemd-fstab-generator[68]: Checking was requested for "rootfs", but it is not a device Changing "rootfs" to "/dev/root" in /etc/fstab allows systemd to check the root filesystem when the kernel is booted with the root filesystem mounted read-only.
2014-08-04stress: remove bb for older versionMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04build warnings: remove warnings already strippedMax Krummenacher
Change to new way of inhibiting warning from INHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT = "1" to INSANE_SKIP_${PN} = "already-stripped"
2014-08-04bbappends: remove the deprecated PRINC variableMax Krummenacher
2014-06-16trdx-image-fstype: improve for use with other imagesMax Krummenacher
Don't fail for images which do not deploy /boot/uImage mx6: only strip binaries
2014-05-28feeds: remove machine feed url, as it does not existMax Krummenacher
2014-05-09GPIOConfig: update Vybrid GPIOConfig toolStefan Agner
Update GPIOConfig for Vybrid (V1.2)
2014-05-02mcc-pingpong: demo application for ping pong with Cortex M4Stefan Agner
2014-04-05u-boot-fw-utils: provide matching recipesMax Krummenacher
With the change to our own u-boot recipes the bbappend to the common u-boot-fw-utils recipe is no longer a sane solution. While at it cleanup COMPATIBLE_MACHINE style.
2014-04-03images: set PV to V2.2Max Krummenacher
2014-04-03images: apalis-imx6: don't deploy vivante samplesMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01images: add ptpd to apalis-imx6Max Krummenacher
2014-04-01glmark2: remove recipe in favor of meta-openemebeddedMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01image: Apalis iMX6, Colibri VF: deploy imx loaderMax Krummenacher
- build and deploy imx_usb, imx_uart - currently it builds for the build host arch, i.e x86-64 or i386
2014-04-01images: add Apalis iMX6Max Krummenacher
2014-04-01angstrom-qt-x11-image: add gstreamer jpeg pluginMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01images: add e2fsprogs to eMMC modules, fstrimMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01base-files: add iMX6 specific filesMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01glmark2: make sure libpng V1.2 and gles is installedMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01gpioconfig: make the executable SOC family specificMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01trdx-image-fstype: add u-boot extension for iMX6Max Krummenacher
2014-04-01stress: change homepageMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01images: use busybox as the default login managerMax Krummenacher
tinylogin has been deprecated and the functionality ported into busybox, so we switch to using busybox as the default login manager.
2014-03-31trdx-image-fstype: deploy imx-uart for colibri-vfMax Krummenacher
2014-03-31burnflash: deploy the serial loader with the rootfsMax Krummenacher
2014-03-31images: add ptpd to IEEE 1588 capable hardwareMax Krummenacher
Apalis T30 and Colibri VFxx modules have IEEE 1588 (Precision Time Protocol) capable Ethernet NIC's. This adds the userspace daemon to such hardware.
2014-03-18trdx-extra: apalis-t30: add additional camera driversMax Krummenacher
2014-03-18 trdx-extra: add mcc components for vybridMax Krummenacher
The MCC (Multi-Core Communication) is the subsystem that enables MQX applications running on the M4 core to communicate with Linux applications on the A5 core
2014-03-18trdx-extra: add gpioconfig to vybridMax Krummenacher
2014-03-18angstrom-lxde-image: T30: add gst-plugins-good-jpegMax Krummenacher
2014-03-17GPIOConfig: add initial version for VybridStefan Agner
Add initial GPIOConfig for Vybrid (V1.0 Alpha 1)
2014-02-10image: improved dependencies to make Qt image smallerStefan Agner
- move pam-plugin-ck-connector to LXDE image - remove connman-gnome from Qt image
2014-02-05image: add kernel module for fusion touch screensStefan Agner
Add kernel module for Fusion 7"/10" touch screen to the root filesystem image.