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backports: add Python based backports-update-manager
This replaces the old shell scripts: * get-compat-kernels * get-compat-trees with a shiny central Python based backpor update manager: * backports-update-manager The new version provides a few features which were simply a difficult to implement and quite frankly pointless to try to implement in shell. Things worth mentioning: * This will now monitor your old directories and packages and remove any stale old directory or packages. You should feel comfortable with now just getting the latest code from the repo and always just running the script, it will do everything you wished it did for you. * This will always check the URLs and ensure your file size matches the target upstream size, we used to only check if you had the file or not * The compat-ksrc directory was renamed to ksrc-backports which goes inline with our rebranding crusade. The tool is smart enough to figure out if you had the old name and rename it for you. Its also smart enough to figure out if you had your old compat-ksrc as a symlink and preserve things just as you intended following the old real path. * The debs/ directory is now moved into ksrc-backports, making it easier to manage and detect what is or not part of backports. * I found no way to deal with objects to extract GNU archive items with Python, so we're stuck with requiring GNU ar, this provides a simple wrapper for our usage. * For the tree updater we instead or relying on Linus' tree to be a remote we leave it separately but always use --reference and allow users to provide their own --reference override for new clones. It should be easy to extend this should others have other custom work spaces through a config file or the like. * To keep backports up to date on a system after an initial run one should only need to run through a cronjob: backports-update-manager --force To only update the git trees: backports-update-manager --force --git-trees-only Relying on an continued update list is dumb though, in the future we should look into putting out new builds through without requiring GNU ar and also updating the list through a json file just as the kernel has its own now: Signed-off-by: Luis R. Rodriguez <>
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--- a/devel/ckmake
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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ ckmake_log = my_cwd + "/ckmake.log"
ckmake_report = my_cwd + "/ckmake-report.log"
home = os.getenv("HOME")
-ksrc = home + "/" + "compat-ksrc"
+ksrc = home + "/" + "ksrc-backports"
modules = ksrc + "/lib/modules"
def clean():