AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-04-02compat-wireless: add more files to ignoreLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-04-02compat-wireless: refresh patchesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-31compat-wireless: fix compilation of ath6kl on 2.6.27Luis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-31compat-wireless: fix p54 pm ops backport typo againLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-31compat-wireless: fix p54 pm ops backport typoLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-31compat-wireless: reorder config includesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-31compat-wireless: add pm ops backport for p54Luis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-31compat-wireless: do not use broad export on makefilesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-19compat-wireless: fix compilation of ath6kl on 2.6.34Luis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-14compat-wireless: fix typo in patches/40-netdev-hw-features.patchLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-14compat-wireless: backport netdev->addr_assign_typeLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-14compat-wireless: refresh patchesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-14compat-wireless: fix patches/40-netdev-hw-features.patchLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-14compat-wireless: fix patches/37-vsnprintk.patchLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-12compat-wireless: refresh linux-next-pending patchesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-12compat-wireless: fix linux-next-pending/0002-backport-alx.patchLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-12compat-wireless: backport addr_assign_type usageLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-09compat-wireless: fix jobserverLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-09compat-wireless: enable mac80211 tracing for kernels >= 2.6.33Luis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-09compat-wireless: fix patch for disabling ath9k RCLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-09compat-wireless: add driver-select option ath9k_apLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-09compat-wireless: refresh patchesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-09compat-wireless: fix patches/09-threaded-irq.patch for wl12xxLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-09compat-wireless: backport ath6kl hw_features / [set|fix]_featuresLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-08compat-wireless: add Makefile to PHONYLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-08compat-wireless: remove recurssive call on building modulesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-08compat-wireless: use PWD for file version detailsLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-08compat-wireless: use PWD for file definitionLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-03-08compat-wireless: Handle name change from iwlagn to iwlwifi in 3.2Don Fry
2012-03-06compat-wireless: refresh patchesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-28compat-wireless: disable b44 for Atheros drivers via driver-selectLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-28compat-wireless: remove -e from depmod on modlib.shLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-28compat-wireless: fix make installLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-28compat-wireless: add alx Ethernet driver to linux-next-pending/Luis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-28compat-wireless: add MAINTAINERS to distributionLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-27compat-wireless: fix directory copying in admin-update.shFelix Fietkau
2012-02-27compat-wireless: use portable #! for bash scriptsFelix Fietkau
2012-02-24compat-wireless: export MAKELuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-24compat-wireless: fix old kernel checks for 3.xLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-24compat-wireless: replace modprobe -l with functional equivilentRick Farina
2012-02-24compat-wireless: use compat's CONFIG_COMPAT_KERNEL_* variablesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-24compat-wireless: start using CONFIG_COMPAT_KERNEL_ in codeLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-24compat-wireless: fix old checks on KERNEL_SUBLEVELLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-23cleanup modprobe callsRick Farina
2012-02-23compat-wireless: refresh patches for backport alxLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-23compat-wireless: refresh patchesLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-23compat-wireless: fix patches/24-pcmcia.patchLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-23compat-wireless: fix patches/16-bluetooth.patchLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-23compat-wireless: fix 08-rename-config-options.patchLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-02-17compat-wireless: refresh patchesLuis R. Rodriguez