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2017-02-07backports-update-manager: add new kernelsJohannes Berg
2017-02-07backports-update-manager: remove rebuild stepJohannes Berg
2017-02-07backports-update-manager: install kernels one by oneJohannes Berg
2017-02-07backports-update-manager: remove dead codeJohannes Berg
2017-02-07backports-update-manager: remove a stray space from a messageJohannes Berg
2017-02-06git-tracker: add an option to add a Change-Id to commitsJohannes Berg
2016-11-15backports: rename .local-symbols to local-symbolsJohannes Berg
2016-07-13devel: update test kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2016-04-30devel: update test kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2016-02-12devel: update test kernel versionsbackports-20160104Hauke Mehrtens
2015-12-06devel: update test kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2015-11-02devel: update the test kernel versionsbackports-20150923Hauke Mehrtens
2015-09-14devel: update test kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2015-09-13git-tracker: read INPUT_HTTP[S]_PROXY environment variableJohannes Berg
2015-07-23devel: update the test kernel versionsbackports-20150710Hauke Mehrtens
2015-07-23devel: convert backports-update-manager to python3Hauke Mehrtens
2015-07-20ckmake: address directory max depthLuis R. Rodriguez
2015-06-25backports-update-manager: bump 4.1-rc1 to 4.1-rc8Luis R. Rodriguez
2015-06-09pycocci: sync pycocci with Coccinelle upstreamLuis R. Rodriguez
2015-04-28devel: update the test kernelsHauke Mehrtens
2015-04-03devel: update the test kernelsbackports-20150222Hauke Mehrtens
2015-04-03git-tracker: ask for verbose messages from per-commit processingJohannes Berg
2015-02-22devel: update the test kernelsHauke Mehrtens
2014-12-21devel: update the test kernelsbackports-20141201Hauke Mehrtens
2014-11-18backports: fix breakage from integration patchsetJohannes Berg
2014-11-14backports: add full kernel integration supportLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-11-14backports: remove extra BACKPORT_ prefix from kernel versioningLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-11-14backports: allow for different backport prefix and simple integration supportLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-10-25devel: update the test kernelsHauke Mehrtens
2014-09-06backports: update test kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2014-08-09backports: update test kernel versionsbackports-20140808Hauke Mehrtens
2014-06-17backports: update test kernel versionsv3.16-rc1-1backports-20140616Hauke Mehrtens
2014-06-02backports: update test kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2014-06-02git-tracker: remove shortlog for empty changesJohannes Berg
2014-05-01backports: lib: remove raising ExecutionError exceptionArend van Spriel
2014-05-01backports: devel/backports-update-manager: fix for older shutil.moveLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-05-01backports: add ckmake binary requirementsLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-05-01backports: run autopep8 on ckmakeLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-05-01backports: add backports-update-manager binary requirementsLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-05-01git-tracker: restrict shortlog to existing filesJohannes Berg
2014-04-17backports: pycocci - make the Coccinelle wrapper a standalone toolLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-04-17backports: nuke support for kernels < 3.0Luis R. Rodriguez
2014-02-08backports: update test kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2014-01-18backports: update kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2013-12-08backports: add Python based backports-update-managerLuis R. Rodriguez
2013-12-06ckmake: sort kernel releases properlyJohannes Berg
2013-11-23backports: update test kernelsHauke Mehrtens
2013-10-31backports: update test kernel versionsHauke Mehrtens
2013-10-21backports: update test kernel versionsbackports-20130822Hauke Mehrtens
2013-08-27remove support for kernel 2.6.24Johannes Berg