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More modifications, added POSIX description, which closes #1
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@@ -19,9 +19,13 @@ where (especially with the POSIX compatibility layer enabled),
the programming style for eCos applications dedicated for the Cortex-M4 core can vastly resemble that of Linux programs running on the Cortex-A5 core,
lowering the entry barrier for programmers.
-.. todo::
+To activate this package, use either :program:`ecosconfig` (``ecosconfig add CYGPKG_POSIX``) or :program:`configtool`:
- Describe how to enable POSIX compatibility, and point to a sample program.
+#. Choose :menuselection:`Build --> Packages`
+#. Select :guilabel:`POSIX compatibility layer` and click :guilabel:`Add >>`, then :guilabel:`OK`
+#. A new package, ``POSIX compatibility layer`` should appear in the package list - save your ``.ecc`` file and exit.
+A sample application, verified to work as expected using the port can be found inside the port code, in the subdirectory :file:`compat/posix/current/tests/pthread1.c`.
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Michael Gielda,Further updates,2014-04-02,0.3.2
Michael Gielda,Further updates & Appendix B,2014-04-07,0.4.0
Michael Gielda,Cleanup & division into files,2014-04-08,0.5.0
+ Michael Gielda,Simplified instructions & making tests,2014-04-11,0.5.1
+ Michael Gielda,Added POSIX compatibility description,2014-04-11,0.5.2