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2014-04-28Update appendix A, fixes #8HEADmasterMichael Gielda
2014-04-28Updated libmcc.a with mcc bugfixMichael Gielda
2014-04-28Update appendix-a.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-25Small interrupt fixMichael Gielda
2014-04-25Removed .a from gitignoreMichael Gielda
2014-04-25Added mccMichael Gielda
2014-04-12More modifications, added POSIX description, which closes #1Michael Gielda
2014-04-12Added how to compile tests, closes #3Michael Gielda
2014-04-12Modified and simplified the building instructions so that they can be copy-pa...Michael Gielda
2014-04-12Added HTML theme, closes #4Michael Gielda
2014-04-08Merge branch 'master' of Gielda
2014-04-08Reduced use of :abbr:Michael Gielda
2014-04-08Minor fix in README.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-08Added build/ to gitignoreMichael Gielda
2014-04-08Divided docs into chapters, closes #5Michael Gielda
2014-04-08Correction for #5Michael Gielda
2014-04-08First try at #5Michael Gielda
2014-04-08Merge branch 'master' of Gielda
2014-04-08Minor changes, renamed some refsMichael Gielda
2014-04-08Update introduction.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-07Added Appendix B to the documentationMichael Gielda
2014-04-07Minor updateMichael Gielda
2014-04-07Normalized the eCos kernel build dir. minot fixesMichael Gielda
2014-04-05Update introduction.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-05Update introduction.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-04/hal/cortexm/vybrid/../vybrid_misc.cPiotr Katarzynski
2014-04-04hal/io/misc: fix in registers definitions and hal_get_core_numMateusz Majchrzycki
2014-04-03minor fixesWojciech Stróżyński
2014-04-03Update introduction.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-03Update introduction.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-03Added the OS filesMichael Gielda
2014-04-03Update README.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-03Update and rename to README.rstMichael Gielda
2014-04-03Initial commitMichael Gielda