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2018-11-28plat: imx8qm/imx8qxp: Add MU flag check for partition rebootimx_4.14.78_1.0.0_gaTeo Hall
2018-11-26TEE-330-4: i.MX8QM: OP-TEE: Pass boot info to u-bootSilvano di Ninno
2018-11-26TEE-330-3: i.MX8QM: OP-TEE add share memorySilvano di Ninno
2018-11-26TEE-330-2: i.MX8QM: TEE Fix BL32_SIZESilvano di Ninno
2018-11-26TEE-330-1: OP-TEE: Add support for i.MX 8QMSilvano di Ninno
2018-11-26TEE-329-4: OP-TEE: Pass boot info to u-bootSilvano di Ninno
2018-11-26TEE-329-3: OP-TEE add share memorySilvano di Ninno
2018-11-26TEE-329-2: Fix BL32_SIZESilvano di Ninno
2018-11-26TEE-329-1: OP-TEE: Add support for i.MX 8QxPSilvano di Ninno
2018-11-13MMIOT-180: ddr address is 33bit width, but rdc memory region register is 32bi...Olivier Masse
2018-11-13MMIOT-152 + MMIOT-157 : move specific RDC configuration from driver to board ...Olivier Masse
2018-11-13MMIOT-152 Rebase on imx_1.5.y + imx8mm : DRM RDC config addedOlivier Masse
2018-11-13MLK-20238-02 plat: imx8m: initialized the value before useBai Ping
2018-11-13MLK-20238-01 plat: imx: fix uninitialized value usingBai Ping
2018-11-03plat: imx8mq: fix boot hang if no valid dram infoBai Ping
2018-11-02plat: imx8mq: remove unused files on imx8mqBai Ping
2018-11-02plat: imx8mq: refact the dram low power codeBai Ping
2018-11-01plat: imx: Add sw workaround for the VPU&GPU resetBai Ping
2018-11-01imx8q: [trusty] Kick CAAM powerJi Luo
2018-10-29MA-13239 imx8qm: Touch correct pad for UART0Haoran.Wang
2018-10-25iMX8Q: Don't copy tee after fit is enabledLuo Ji
2018-10-25MLK-20044 plat: imx8m: fix ddr4 dvfs hang after retentionBai Ping
2018-10-23imx8qxp: add support for cpuidleAnson Huang
2018-10-12plat: imx8m: update the DVFS flow for DDR4Bai Ping
2018-10-12imx8m: Add DDR4 DVFS supportBai Ping
2018-10-12imx8qm: keep A53 cluster power on for cache coherency issueAnson Huang
2018-10-01imx8mm: Add ddr4 retention support for imx8mBai Ping
2018-09-28imx8qm/imx8qxp: enable output debug message to SC consoleAnson Huang
2018-09-26imx8qm/imx8qxp: add misc set temp SIP supportAnson Huang
2018-09-18SCR-imx-atf.txt: deleted SCR since it is no longer needed.Ann Thornton
2018-09-17plat: imx8mq: add 100us delay after USB OTG SRC bit 0 clearBai Ping
2018-09-15plat: imx8mm: Add support for imx8mm lpaAnson Huang
2018-09-13imx8mq: fix soc_id issueAnson Huang
2018-09-12MA-11015 Support Trusty OS on imx8qm/qxpHaoran.Wang
2018-09-11plat: imx8mm: fix the gpumix vpumix power downBai Ping
2018-09-08imx8qm/imx8qxp: support random CPU resume when system suspendAnson Huang
2018-09-07plat: imx8mm: Read mode register setting from ddrcOliver Chen
2018-09-06MLK-19465 imx8mq: Fix cpu rev issue on B0.1 chipYe Li
2018-09-03imx8mq: update chip revision method for B1Anson Huang
2018-08-31plat: imx8mq: update the ddr controller perf QoS settingBai Ping
2018-08-27MLK-18619: [MX8MM-EVK]CSU_RDC: enable csu_rdc test in ATF make the board crashFranck LENORMAND
2018-08-27imx8qm: put IRQ_STEER/DRC/DBLOGIC into OFF when suspendAnson Huang
2018-08-22imx8mq:plat: add noc priority configuration entryZhang Bo
2018-08-21MLK-19263 imx8m: hab: Add check target and failsafe sip callYe Li
2018-08-21plat: imx8mm: fix system resume hang when tz380 is enabledBai Ping
2018-08-20MLK-19256 plat: imx8mm: correct dram apb clock rate dvfsBai Ping
2018-08-15imx8qxp: put DRC into OFF mode when Linux suspendAnson Huang
2018-08-02plat: imx8mm: enable noc power down supportBai Ping
2018-07-26imx8: postpone moving resources to non-secure partitionPeng Fan
2018-07-26plat: imx8mm: enable power domain supportBai Ping