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authorGajanan Bhat <>2012-12-12 12:06:04 -0800
committerMatthew Pedro <>2012-12-14 11:35:17 -0800
commit48105b8d2b4ae39660655fb26fc7d6459643d3d4 (patch)
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parent3c3574a139f9093d6841b2483c0015060f88ee55 (diff)
media: video: tegra: nvavp: Fix nvmap handle issue
In open call we were assigning the driver's nvmap handle to the nvavp's client context which would get released in release call to driver. This will cause driver's nvmap handle to be invalid if a parallel client context is running and driver does any nvmap operation. Bug 1013063 Bug 1192772 Change-Id: Id02520ae8ec511bb8c50bc4d3908ea3e75e1ea6b Reviewed-on: http://git-master/r/170585 Signed-off-by: Gajanan Bhat <> Reviewed-on: http://git-master/r/171097 Reviewed-by: Automatic_Commit_Validation_User GVS: Gerrit_Virtual_Submit Reviewed-by: Matthew Pedro <> Tested-by: Matthew Pedro <> Reviewed-by: Winnie Hsu <>
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diff --git a/drivers/media/video/tegra/nvavp/nvavp_dev.c b/drivers/media/video/tegra/nvavp/nvavp_dev.c
index 4501abb9a735..d5edcbe685bf 100644
--- a/drivers/media/video/tegra/nvavp/nvavp_dev.c
+++ b/drivers/media/video/tegra/nvavp/nvavp_dev.c
@@ -1355,7 +1355,6 @@ static int tegra_nvavp_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *filp, int channel_
if (!ret)
- clientctx->nvmap = nvavp->nvmap;
clientctx->nvavp = nvavp;
filp->private_data = clientctx;