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iwlwifi: cleanup and bugfix tx aggregation code
Since the driver split, there's no need for no_agg_framecnt_info since all devices have this set to false. Secondly, the compressed block ack handling code was broken. Fix this. (1) A shift less than zero simply implies that the buffer wrapped, this is expected. Remove the incorrect comment. (2) The (agg->frame_count > (64-sh)) condition can happen if the last frame is dropped. E.g., if I send 7 frames and the 6th is received but the 7th is lost, the other side may only shift the window 6, not 7 frames since the last bit is a 0. This is perfectly fine behavior and doesn't invalidate the feedback. (3) Store the feedback from a Compressed BA in the first newly received frame, rather than the start of the window. This way it will get processed by the rate selection code. Feedback stored in a non-received frame is likely to get overwritten by the retransmission. This is based on the approach taken by minstrel_ht. Signed-off-by: Daniel Halperin <> Signed-off-by: Wey-Yi Guy <>
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