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video: tegra: dc: Set default videomode
Set default videomode during the dc probe. This patch enables HDMI during the probe only and fixes following issues: 1. Until Xinit there was no display on HDMI. 2. Framebuffer console on HDMI needs it to be enabled well before Xinit. To avoide un-necessary powering on HDMI,Check HPD and enable HDMI only if it's present. Bug: 930136 Bug: 977705 Change-Id: Ifb71328e5df0ccbb5751669db71fd24719fe3738 Signed-off-by: Shashank Sharma <> Reviewed-on: http://git-master/r/100656 Reviewed-by: Rohan Somvanshi <> Tested-by: Rohan Somvanshi <>
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