AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-08-25ENGR00074472 Fix SD module makes system crash when system enters suspend mode2.6.24-mx31pdk-200808251921Fred Fan
2008-08-25ENGR00074462 Fix system can not leave suspend mode when HD is validFred Fan
2008-08-25ENGR00074262 Fix gpio line interrupt can not work for wakeup interruptFred Fan
2008-08-25ENGR00074255 CR fix compile errorkevin shen
2008-08-25ENGR00074126 CR fix on-off key wake up system problemkevin shen
2008-08-25ENGR00073348 CR fix mxc30030evb compile errorkevin shen
2008-08-25ENGR00073340 CR fix mx27 compile errorkevin shen
2008-08-25ENGR00073116 Fix I2C Start function to add error handlingMahesh Mahadevan
2008-08-25ENGR00073155 V4L output remains rotation settingJason Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00072112 MX35 LCD does not display normally before bootup show logoXinyu Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00060279 CR can't wake up from suspend state by on/off keykevin shen
2008-08-25ENGR00072586 Add PrP tasks supportJason Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00070635 Add IRAM for Audio Playback Buffer on i.MX37Laura Lawrence
2008-08-25ENGR00072542: Add support for MPR084 Touch Keypad driver.Raj Rajasekaran
2008-08-25ENGR00072757 Enable Access to IRAM on i.MX37Laura Lawrence
2008-08-25ENGR00072220 IMX31 Display error at the top of LCDJason Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00047817 eSDHC driverRichard Zhu
2008-08-25ENGR00058719 i.MX35 3stack supports touchscreen tsc2007Fred Fan
2008-08-25ENGR00071731 Fix MX37 DDR Clock Get FunctionMahesh Mahadevan
2008-08-25ENGR00071507 Use the latest SDMA mcu_2_app script for MX31Mahesh Mahadevan
2008-08-25ENGR00071509 Fix i.mx31 3stack board can not enter suspend mode by SPISam Yang
2008-08-25ENGR00071499 MX31_3stack: Make GPO3 and GPO4 parent GPO1Nancy Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00069799 several play/pause of audio stream causes audio noiseWallace Wang
2008-08-25ENGR00071106 V4L output last frame remain issueJason Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00070699 mma7450 device driverkevin shen
2008-08-25ENGR00058723 MX35 IPU and LCDXinyu Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00071073 remove patch file in previous commitAlan Tull
2008-08-25ENGR00071084 enable FM outputJingyu Zhou
2008-08-25ENGR00058904 Add pmic source codeJingyu Zhou
2008-08-25ENGR00058775 SPI update for i.MX35Katherine Lu
2008-08-25ENGR00070270 MX31 3Stack TV-out(CH7024) I2C access failedXinyu Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00070519 Resolve compiling error in pmic_battery.c HW event changesSam Yang
2008-08-25ENGR00070460 Fix FM config HW event macro and deplicated I2C registerSam Yang
2008-08-25ENGR00058738 MX35 I2C master driverWu Guoxing
2008-08-25ENGR00059978 add mx35 nor flash supportJason Liu
2008-08-25ENGR00058762 implimentaion nand driver on mx35 platformJason Liu
2008-08-25ENGR00070093 Add support for S20_LE and S24_LE audio format in SPDIFWallace Wang
2008-08-25ENGR00058715 Add i.MX35 machine specific layerFred Fan
2008-08-25ENGR00069937 Community patch for Fix mount error in case of MLC flashJason Liu
2008-08-25ENGR00069560 SI4702 FM radio device driverKevin Shen
2008-08-25ENGR00069928: Add wm8350 bl check_fbRob Herring
2008-08-25ENGR00069712 Some bugs in V4L outputJason Chen
2008-08-25ENGR00069841 Fix the compiling error caused by ENGR00068611Wallace Wang
2008-08-25ENGR00068611 PMIC AUDIO and SSI drivers can not be loadable modulesWallace Wang
2008-08-25ENGR00069375 ATA disk drive can't be powered up correctlyRichard Zhu
2008-08-25ENGR00069652 i.MX37 turn off spdif alsa audio by defaultAlan Tull
2008-08-25ENGR00069555 IPU3 FB: fix pan and wait for vsync syncRob Herring
2008-08-25ENGR00069338: Add PATA support for i.MX31 & i.MX37.Raj Rajasekaran
2008-08-25ENGR00069546 Fix MX31 3stack board boot problem with jffs2Kevin Zhang
2008-08-25ENGR00069342 Add Touchscreen Support for MX37 3Stack BoardMahesh Mahadevan