AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-17Fix toolchain string for armv7l2.6.31-mx51-201012171728Justin Waters
2010-12-17ENGR00125616 GPU: make sure device is stopped before closeJie Zhou
2010-12-17ENGR00125608-2 LDB:Return error when LDB probe failsLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00125608-1 TVE:Return error when TVE probe failsLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00125521 USB: register/unregister gadget module cause system hangHu hui
2010-12-17ENGR00125506 ipu dev: change mmap to writethrough policyJason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125552-2 LDB:Change LDB related video mode namesLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00125552-1 MX5:Change LDB related video mode namesLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00125487-2 LDB:Add bootup option to register LDB driverLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00125487-1 TVE:Add bootup option to register TVE driverLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00125556 GPU: Check device refcnt before free memstoreJie Zhou
2010-12-17ENGR00125434 GPU: Fix kernel oops when run ES2.0 conf. test for second timeJie Zhou
2010-12-17ENGR00125489 esdhc: Fix the failure in DLL configurationsRichard Zhu
2010-12-17ENGR00125396 ALSA CS42888: Remove the platform device from the busWilliam Lai
2010-12-17ENGR00125374 v4l2 output: work-around VDI NFB4EOF errorJason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125353 GPU: use writecombine for mmapJie Zhou
2010-12-17ENGR00125345 ALSA CS42888: Judge the codec member after initializationWilliam Lai
2010-12-17ENGR00125338 esdhc: A stop in audio playback when insert the cardRichard Zhu
2010-12-17ENGR00125327 GPU: solve some problems in latest integrationJie Zhou
2010-12-17ENGR00125249 tve: fix tv primary display issueJason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125275 v4l2 output:disable icbypass for input right crop caseJason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125265 ipuv3: change the unlock position in ipu_disable_channelJason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125250 ipuv3:wait display EOF interrupt before disable its IDMA channelJason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125256 Integrate AMD Rc16/EA VG/GL fix to GPU kernel moduler80085
2010-12-17ENGR00125259 - EPDC fb: Random display artifacts in unit testsDanny Nold
2010-12-17ENGR00125248 ALSA CS42888: Can only play/record multiple 44k streamsWilliam Lai
2010-12-17ENGR00125263 ALSA CS42888: System hangs when suspend and resumeWilliam Lai
2010-12-17ENGR00125056-2 MX5: Fix one wire wrong clock nameFrank Li
2010-12-17ENGR00125056-1 MX50: add one wire pin configurationFrank Li
2010-12-17ENGR00125251 usb_gadget: should not read PORT Reset at reset_irqPeter Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125052-3 Enable the eMMC44 DDR mode on MX53 EVKRichard Zhu
2010-12-17ENGR00125052-2 Driver modifications when enable the eMMC44 DDRRichard Zhu
2010-12-17ENGR00125052-1 Common codes changes when enable the eMMC44 DDRRichard Zhu
2010-12-17ENGR00125206 mmc: update clock setting for mx50Aisheng.Dong
2010-12-17ENGR00125205 mx50: add esdhc3 supportAisheng.Dong
2010-12-17ENGR00124989-3 ELCDIF:Support ELCDIF framebuffer driverLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00124989-2 MX5:Change CLAA-WVGA LCD panel video modeLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00124989-1 MX508:Configure ELCDIF pads attributeLiu Ying
2010-12-17ENGR00124132 MX53: busfreq driver supportShen Yong
2010-12-17ENGR00125010-3 MX35: add gpu to imx35_3stack_defconfigRichard Zhao
2010-12-17ENGR00125010-2 MX5: add gpu to imx5_defconfigRichard Zhao
2010-12-17ENGR00125010-1 gpu: add gpu driver supportGene Chouiniere
2010-12-17ENGR00125173 ipuv3: remove stat check wait in _ipu_dp_dc_disable()Jason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125172 ipuv3 fb: add sync for DP swapJason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125171 ipu dev: add sync methodJason Chen
2010-12-17ENGR00125045 MX53: Adjust VDDGP voltage settingLily Zhang
2010-12-17ENGR00125169 MX5: only reset nfc in arch_reset when we have itRichard Zhao
2010-12-17ENGR00125175 Add pxp_dma.h into include/linux/KBuildRobby Cai
2010-12-17ENGR00125120 - EPDC fb: Hangs when display pmic regulators not foundDanny Nold
2010-12-17ENGR00125119 - Maxim 17135 display pmic: VCOM configured incorrectlyDanny Nold