AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-17extend timout for sema4 grab3.0-vybrid-ts1Ed Nash
2013-02-17add semaphore protection with MQX of I2C busEd Nash
2012-12-12fsl_nfc: Add default partitioningJustin Waters
2012-12-12Default configuration update for CAAM driverJason Jin
2012-12-12Vybrid CAAM driverJason Jin
2012-12-12mvf: update default kernel config for FaradayAlison Wang
2012-12-12ENGR00181365-2: ADC: Add driver support for ADC VybridWang Xiaojun
2012-12-12ENGR00181365-1: ADC: Add platform support for ADC driverWang Xiaojun
2012-12-12ENGR00216081-2:Errata workaround for usb suspend and resumeJingchang Lu
2012-12-12ENGR00216081-1:Add USB host and gadget PM supportJingchang Lu
2012-12-12ENGR00216087-2:Add Vybrid ASRC platform deviceJingchang Lu
2012-12-12ENGR00216087-1: ASRC support for VybridJingchang Lu
2012-12-12ENGR00216076-3: DSPI: Update DSPI driver for PMAlison Wang
2012-12-12ENGR00216076-2: DCU: Update DCU driver for PM and blending issueAlison Wang
2012-12-12ENGR00216076-1: PM: Add Power Management driver for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00216078-2: switch: add L2 switch driver for Vybrid3.0-mvf-201210121659Jason Jin
2012-10-17ENGR00216078-1: switch: add platform support for L2 switchJason Jin
2012-10-17ENGR00181358-3: fec: add second FEC support for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00212250-2: watchdog: Add watchdog driver support for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00212250-1: watchdog: Add platform support for watchdog driverAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181395-1: Add UART MISC functions support for FaradayJingchang Lu
2012-10-17ENGR00181390-2: qspi: Add Quad SPI driver support for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181390-1: qspi: Add platform support for Quad SPI driverAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181407-3: Add Compaq touch screen interface for nano-xAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181407-2: ts: add touch screen driver support for VybirdAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181407-1: ts: add platform support for touch screen driverAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00180953-2: dspi: update dspi driver support for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00180953-1: dspi: update platform support for dspi driverAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00180956-3: Add PWM LED device support on MVF600Jingchang Lu
2012-10-17ENGR00180956-2: Add FlexTimer PWM support on FaradayAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00180956-1: Add FlexTimer PWM device clock for FaradayJingchang Lu
2012-09-12ENGR00220352: Fix reboot hung after set uart baudrate3.0-mvf-201208141602Jingchang Lu
2012-09-12Enable the FEC as modulesJason Jin
2012-09-12ENGR00212262-3: Faraday:Enable the ADMA2 function for SDHCJason Jin
2012-09-12ENGR00219771: Fix high-speed usb hub connection detection failure for FaradayJingchang Lu
2012-09-12ENGR00219354: Fix USB host driver compiled as module fail problemJingchang Lu
2012-09-12ENGR00219461:Fix high resolution timer support FaradayJingchang Lu
2012-09-12ENGR00219787:Fix UART baud rate and console setting for MVF platformJingchang Lu
2012-09-12ENGR219758:There is CRC error when JFFS2 used as filesystemJason Jin
2012-09-12ENGR00220009: dcu: Add the option to enable or disable blanking supportAlison Wang
2012-09-12ENGR00219495: dcu: Fix module reinsert error for DCU driverAlison Wang
2012-09-12ENGR00219342: edma: Updated edma driver and edma test driverXiaochun Li
2012-09-12ENGR219460:There is call trace when the SD card removed and then pluged-intoJason Jin
2012-09-12ENGR00219629 Farday:There is call trace for FEC pll clock sometimes.Jason Jin
2012-09-12ENGR00219616 One Micro-SD card remove will generate a lot of interruptsJason Jin
2012-09-12ENGR00180931-4 mvf: add default kernel config for FaradayAlison Wang
2012-09-12ENGR00180936-3: add the module for test eDMA driverXiaochun Li
2012-09-12ENGR00181396-2: high-speed USB device disconnection managementJingchang Lu
2012-09-12ENGR00181401,ENGR00181396-1: Add USB OTG controller support for MVF platformJingchang Lu
2012-09-12ENGR00180953-2: dspi: add dspi driver support for FaradayAlison Wang