AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-16usb: core: fix two problems for unsupported devices3.0-vybrid-ts2.12Peter Chen
2014-01-16usb: certification: several fixesPeter Chen
2014-01-16usb: misc: introduce OTG & EH Test DriverFelipe Balbi
2014-01-16ENGR00241582 MX6 USB host: USB host certification patchmake shi
2014-01-09Update twr_vf600 defconfig to use global timer by default3.0-vybrid-ts2.11Anthony Felice
2014-01-09Add missing header for __exception_irq_entry in global timerAnthony Felice
2014-01-02mtd: m25p80: set writebufsizeBrian Norris
2013-12-16Allow SW1 on TWR-VF65GS10 to be a wake-up event for TWR-VF600Anthony Felice
2013-12-16Only allow i2c driver to assign mvf_sema4 once.Anthony Felice
2013-11-21Fix typo in DSPI2 and DSPI3 base address3.0-vybrid-ts2.10Anthony Felice
2013-11-14Add missing Global Timer source file.3.0-vybrid-ts2.9Anthony Felice
2013-11-07Add defconfig for Vybrid Tower3.0-vybrid-ts2.8Anthony Felice
2013-11-07Fix FAST_READ for QSPI nor flash support.Anthony Felice
2013-11-07Add Global Timer support to fix High Resolution Timer functionality.Anthony Felice
2013-10-04Fix typo in MVF_USBPHY1_BASE_ADDR that caused a segmentation fault3.0-vybrid-ts2.7Anthony Felice
2013-10-04Add mvf_sema4.h to header install list and allow to be includedAnthony Felice
2013-10-04Prevent L2 cache initialisation if CONFIG_CACHE_L2X0 is enabled andAnthony Felice
2013-07-31add a test call to determine state ofEd Nash
2013-07-29add support for spin locksEd Nash
2013-07-29add latency stats and make debugfs writeableEd Nash
2013-07-28fix debugfs worng directory for gate.Ed Nash
2013-07-27fix gate number constantEd Nash
2013-07-27add debugfs statistics and some code cleanupEd Nash
2013-07-27Merge tag '3.0-vybrid-ts2.6' into ed-mvfEd Nash
2013-07-26Support for setting TX clear-to-send in set modem CTRL in MVF Serial Driver3.0.15_vybrid-ts-2.63.0-vybrid-ts2.6roshni.shah
2013-07-26Fixed the uart_tasklet_action NULL pointer deference panic in MVF Serial Driverroshni.shah
2013-07-26MVF Serial Driver Improvements to fix the sysvinit console hang issue.roshni.shah
2013-07-26Removed dead code, corrected comments, print uart settings in MVF Serial Driverroshni.shah
2013-07-26ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fixNicolas Pitre
2013-07-26ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC (4.7.2) optimiza...Ivan Djelic
2013-07-25oprofile, arm/sh: Fix oprofile_arch_exit() linkage issueVladimir Zapolskiy
2013-07-25twr-vf700: setup memory if mem= is not passed to kernelAndy Voltz
2013-07-02Fix for 51540: clock() function returns too large values3.0-vybrid-ts2.5Makarand Kulkarni
2013-05-10Don't reassign pads PTB6 and PTB7. They are used for uart-2 which is the defa...3.0-vybrid-ts2.4Ed Nash
2013-05-06Update hw_breakpoint implementation in order to support CONFIG_PERF_EVENTSAnthony Felice
2013-04-26Fix SDHC card timeout error.3.0-vybrid-ts2.3Anthony Felice
2013-04-26Add initial KGDB support.3.0-vybrid-ts2.2Anthony Felice
2013-04-26use dma bufeers rather than kmalloc buffers to make sure coherent ram between...Ed Nash
2013-04-23limit Linux use of SRAM so as not to conflict with MQX. Similarly, leave M4 r...3.0-vybrid-ts33.0-vybrid-ts2.1Ed Nash
2013-03-14Fix serial bug when recieving a file3.0-vybrid-ts2Andy Voltz
2013-03-10fix scheduler not seeing time pass, would not interrupt cpu bound processRoshni Shah
2013-02-17extend timout for sema4 grab3.0-vybrid-ts1Ed Nash
2013-02-17add semaphore protection with MQX of I2C busEd Nash
2012-12-12fsl_nfc: Add default partitioningJustin Waters
2012-12-12Default configuration update for CAAM driverJason Jin
2012-12-12Vybrid CAAM driverJason Jin
2012-12-12mvf: update default kernel config for FaradayAlison Wang
2012-12-12ENGR00181365-2: ADC: Add driver support for ADC VybridWang Xiaojun
2012-12-12ENGR00181365-1: ADC: Add platform support for ADC driverWang Xiaojun
2012-12-12ENGR00216081-2:Errata workaround for usb suspend and resumeJingchang Lu