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2017-10-06mfd: apalis-tk1-k20: clean-up and fix support for 0.10 k20 fwApalis-TK1_LXDE-Image_2.7b4-20171007Dominik Sliwa
2017-10-05ARM: tegra: apalis-tk1: annotate and fix gpio configurationMarcel Ziswiler
2017-10-05mfd: apalis-tk1-k20: support for 0.10 k20 fwDominik Sliwa
2017-10-05ARM: tegra: apalis-tk1: move hdmi ddc config to dtDominik Sliwa
2017-10-03ARM: tegra: apalis-tk1: support v1.2 hardware revisionMarcel Ziswiler
2017-10-03ARM: dts: tegra124: update model and compatibility nodesMarcel Ziswiler
2017-10-03pinctrl: tegra: clean-upMarcel Ziswiler
2017-09-27ARM: tegra: Select appropriate DMA options for LPAEPaul Kocialkowski
2017-09-20dp.c: fix compilation with gcc 7Max Krummenacher
2017-09-20tegra11_soctherm.c: fix compilation with gcc 7Max Krummenacher
2017-09-20dsi.c: fix compilation with gcc 7Max Krummenacher
2017-09-20powergate-t12x.c: fix compilation with gcc 7Max Krummenacher
2017-09-20tegra_udc.c: fix compilation with gcc 7Max Krummenacher
2017-09-20apalis-tk1: activate pwm pin muxing for pwm3Marcel Ziswiler
2017-09-20apalis-tk1: enable large physical address extension lpaeMarcel Ziswiler
2017-09-20mfd: apalis-tk1: fix NULL pointer dereferenceDominik Sliwa
2017-09-20spi: tegra: fix warning when using controller-dataDominik Sliwa
2017-09-20apalis-tk1: fix pcie reset for reliable gigabit ethernet operationMarcel Ziswiler
2017-09-20apalis-tk1: update defconfig for wifiDominik Sliwa
2017-09-20ARM: dts: tegra124: fix m41t0 rtc compatible stringBhuvanchandra DV
2017-09-20rtc: ds1307: support m41t0 variantBhuvanchandra DV
2017-06-30apalis-tk1: snapd squashfs configurationApalis-TK1_LXDE-Image_2.7b3-20170630Marcel Ziswiler
2017-06-30apalis-tk1: improve spi2 clocking aka for k20Marcel Ziswiler
2017-06-30apalis-tk1: add multitouch hid supportStefan Agner
2017-06-30apalis-tk1-k20: can and spi improvementsDominik Sliwa
2017-06-30video: tegra: sor: set drive current for lane4WayneWWW
2017-04-10apalis-tk1: default to lp1 sleepApalis-TK1_LXDE-Image_2.7b2-20170410Dominik Sliwa
2017-04-04apalis-tk1: video: use new modedb based settingsBhuvanchandra DV
2017-04-04tegra: video: use modedb to specify frame buffer resolutionBhuvanchandra DV
2017-04-04apalis-tk1: use soc uid insteadBhuvanchandra DV
2017-04-04regmap: irq: dispose all virtual irq before removing domainLaxman Dewangan
2017-04-04regmap: irq: Remove domain on exitMark Brown
2017-04-04regmap-irq: set IRQF_ONESHOT flag to ensure IRQ requestValentin Rothberg
2017-04-04media: ov5640: set continuous clock for all modesWojciech Bieganski
2017-04-04media: tegra_camera: add continuous clk supportWojciech Bieganski
2017-04-04media: three csi2 inputs: tc378743 (csia/b), adv7280m (csie)Wojciech Bieganski
2017-04-04media: fix pal supportWojciech Bieganski
2017-04-04media: fix simultaneous captureWojciech Bieganski
2017-04-04Reapply "media: tegra_camera: introduce 2 kthreads for capture"Mariusz Glebocki
2017-04-04apalis-tk1: add wake-on-lan gpioDominik Sliwa
2017-04-04apalis-tk1: fix lp1 sleepDominik Sliwa
2017-04-04igb: integrate igb driver Ziswiler
2017-04-04apalis-tk1: fix cpu and gpu thermal throttlingMarcel Ziswiler
2017-04-04apalis-tk1: fix sdio freezeDominik Sliwa
2017-04-04apalis-tk1: mfd touch screen fixes and improvementsDominik Sliwa
2017-01-11apalis_tk1: Support for K20 based MFDApalis_TK1_LinuxImageV2.7Beta1_20170112Dominik Sliwa
2017-01-11apalis-tk1: support i2c rtcMarcel Ziswiler
2016-11-21mmc: tegra: apalis-tk1: no longer do card detect polling on v1.1 hwApalis_TK1_LinuxImageV2.6.1Beta2_20161122Marcel Ziswiler
2016-11-21apalis-tk1: working sd card detect on v1.1 hwMarcel Ziswiler
2016-11-21apalis-tk1: adjust pin muxing for v1.1 hwMarcel Ziswiler