AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Eliminate Perl warningColibri_T30_LinuxImageV2.5Beta2_20151106Colibri_T20_LinuxImageV2.5Beta2_20151106Apalis_T30_LinuxImageV2.5Beta2_20151106H. Peter Anvin
2015-11-06Revert "apalis_t30: Make audio and leds-pwm platform devices dependent on kco...Marcel Ziswiler
2015-11-02Various Tegra HS UART backportsMitja Spes
2015-11-02Fix HS UART HW buffer overrun issueMitja Spes
2015-11-02input: touchscreen: fusion: implement multitouch with slot handlingStefan Agner
2015-11-02input: touchscreen: fusion: use level triggered interruptStefan Agner
2015-10-23colibri_t30: fix usb host device detection with colibri otg driverMarcel Ziswiler
2015-10-23apalis_t30: Make audio and leds-pwm platform devices dependent on kconfig sym...Tobias Klauser
2015-10-23usb: gadget: android: Use strlcpy instead of sscanf to get string attributesTobias Klauser
2015-10-14mmc: core: Disable HPI for certain Hynix eMMC cardsMarcel Ziswiler
2015-10-11mmc: sdhci: handle busy-end interrupt during commandChanho Min
2015-10-11sdhci : handle busy timeout irqMatthieu CASTET
2015-10-11mmc: sdhci: clean up sdio interrupt enable handlingRussell King
2015-10-11mmc: sdhci: clean up interrupt handlingRussell King
2015-10-10mmc: sdhci: check interrupt flags in ISR againAlexander Stein
2015-10-09mmc: sdhci-pci: add runtime pm supportAdrian Hunter
2015-09-26apalis/colibri_t30: usb: fix performance regressionMarcel Ziswiler
2015-08-31apalis/colibri_t30: Add comments about i2s pin muxing/operationMarcel Ziswiler
2015-06-12colibri_t20: hack: prevent rare boot lock-upMarcel Ziswiler
2015-06-10colibri_t20/t30: net: usb: asix: ethernet mac address handlingMarcel Ziswiler
2015-06-10net: usb: asix: integrate driver 4.17.0Marcel Ziswiler
2015-06-09apalis_t30: ov5640 csi camera sensor supportMarcel Ziswiler
2015-06-09apalis_t30: clean-up board fileMarcel Ziswiler
2015-06-03colibri_t20: improve pmic rtc accuracyMarcel Ziswiler
2015-05-13ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix SMALL_POP bit definitionColibri_T30_LinuxImageV2.4Beta1_20150518Colibri_T20_LinuxImageV2.4Beta1_20150518Apalis_T30_LinuxImageV2.4Beta1_20150518Fabio Estevam
2015-05-13ASoC: sgtl5000: remove useless register write clearingEric Nelson
2015-05-12apalis/colibri_t20/t30: clean-up module deploymentMarcel Ziswiler
2015-05-12spi:tegra: fix number of words in transferMurat Khairulin
2015-05-12Merge branch 'tegra-nand-next' into tegra-nextMarcel Ziswiler
2015-05-04drivers: w1: tegra_w1: Improve IRQ detectionSanchayan Maity
2015-05-04drivers: w1: tegra_w1: Fix race condition on high CPU loadSanchayan Maity
2015-04-27apalis_t30_defconfig add generic PCIe SATA/AHCI driverMarcel Ziswiler
2015-04-14ARM: tegra: hack to make IT parts operate like commercial temp for nowMarcel Ziswiler
2015-04-02apalis_t30: igb: no nvm and Ethernet MAC address handlingMarcel Ziswiler
2015-04-02igb: integrate tools only device supportMarcel Ziswiler
2015-04-02igb: integrate igb driver 5.2.17Marcel Ziswiler
2015-04-02colibri_t20: initial 16-bit BCH ECC supportMarcel Ziswiler
2015-03-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/ubifs-v3.1/master' into tegra-nand-nextMarcel Ziswiler
2015-03-19apalis/colibri_t20/t30: enable module versioning supportColibri_T20_LinuxImageV2.3_20150320Marcel Ziswiler
2015-03-12media: fix work of analog camerasWojciech Bieganski
2015-02-10Prevent null pointer dereferenceMariusz Glebocki
2015-02-09apalis_t30: fix work of MIPI-CSI2 cameras after merging 'l4t-r16-r2' branchWojciech Bieganski
2015-02-03Revert "mmc: card: retry if transfer aborted due to out of range"Marcel Ziswiler
2015-02-03mmc: card: increase command retries to 10 from 3Varun Wadekar
2015-02-03mmc: core: Retry if data commands fail with errorMayuresh Kulkarni
2015-02-03mmc: Add tracepoints of mmc block operationsKen Sumrall
2015-02-03mmc: core: new discard feature support at Samsung eMMC v4.41+.singhome_lee
2015-02-03eMMC: Fix electric leakage SDMMC4_DAT0~DAT7 in Nakasisimon_chuang
2015-02-03[PATCH 3/3] mmc: host: sdhci: abort suspend if host suspend fails.kirt_hsieh
2015-02-03eMMC: Enable deferred resume functionban_feng