AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-07phyFLEX-i.MX6: remove fac hibernatePD13.2.1Christian Hemp
2013-11-07phyFLEX-i.MX6: Add memory selection for GPUChristian Hemp
2013-11-07drivers:regulator da9063 reset volates on rebootChristian Hemp
2013-11-07phyFLEX-i.MX6: Add selection for prime outputChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6: pfla02: change display eeprom addressChristian Hemp
2013-11-07HDMI: Allow non CEA standardChristian Hemp
2013-11-07ethernet: set phy id correctChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6: phyFLEX: update gpu nameChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6: phyFLEX: Add cmic wake pin for rev 2Christian Hemp
2013-11-07phyflex:imx6: Add delay for RX linesChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6:phyflex: Add NAND muxing for dual an single coreChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6:phyflex: Add support for duallite and singleChristian Hemp
2013-11-07Fix for 'bucking' problem.Dmitry Lavnikevich
2013-11-07imx6: pcie: clock: remove sata clock from pcie treeChristian Hemp
2013-11-07phyFLEX-i.MX6: Add busfreqChristian Hemp
2013-11-07phyFLEX-i.MX6: sata: disable sata phy when sata is not enabledChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6q:phyflex: cleanup ethernet phy initChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx: fec: Fix worng phy_speedChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6q: phyflex: Add support for rev2 modulesChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6q: phyflex: remove const structsChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6q: Add module revison detectionChristian Hemp
2013-11-07phyFLEX-i.MX6: Fix bootarg typoChristian Hemp
2013-11-07camera-support:Change the frequenciesDirk Bender
2013-11-07imx6: phyflex: Remove regulator init callChristian Hemp
2013-11-07imx6: Add deleay workarround to fix bootproblemsChristian Hemp
2013-11-07da9063: phyflex-i.MX6: Add default LDO bypass modeChristian Hemp
2013-11-07Fixed registration of tw9910 capture board on csi interfaces.Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Fixed i2c_board_info's typoAndrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07board-mx6q_phyflex: New bootargs addedDirk Bender
2013-11-07mt9p031: Changed the possible PLL stettingsDirk Bender
2013-11-07Added support for faster frame rate for small resolutions for mt9m111 (VM-009...Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Fixed drive strength field for clko. Added drive strength field setting for c...Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Fixed support for mt9v022 (VM-007/VM-010) camera.Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Fixed support for clko2_clk output pinAndrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Added support for clocking the camera, connected to csi2 interface. Fixed clk...Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Fix TODO records.Grigory Milev
2013-11-07Modify da9063 i2c driver. Added capability wakeup from da9063 irq (in particu...Anatoly Palto
2013-11-07Fix mistake in da9063 driver to work onkeyeventsAnatoly Palto
2013-11-07Removed 12 bit support from host camera driverAndrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Added new divider for 54MHz MCLK for mt9p031 camera. Also, recalculated divid...Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Fixed bayer sync for mt9p031 camera driverAndrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Set hblank to calculate values to get optimal fps for different resolutions.Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Fixed top/left position calculation for mt9p031 camera driverAndrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Cosmetic changes to tw9910 driver.Dmitry Lavnikevich
2013-11-07Implemented support for m24c04 eeprom on video capture board (VM-008).Dmitry Lavnikevich
2013-11-07Implemented video capture board led control.Dmitry Lavnikevich
2013-11-07Enabled deinterlacing for interlaced sensors.Dmitry Lavnikevich
2013-11-07Added support for specific setting for different resolutions for MT9P031 came...Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Added support for switching on/off internal pll for MT9P031 camera. Also adde...Andrei Andreyanau
2013-11-07Added base implementation of tw9910.Dmitry Lavnikevich