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2013-11-06input: touch: maxim: fix daemon crashing issuedaily-2013.11.07.0_rel-tegratab-partnerRobert Collins
2013-11-06Revert "input: touch: maxim_sti: boot fusion from init"Bo Kim
2013-11-06Revert "input: touch: maxim_sti: Shutdown safely"Bo Kim
2013-11-06Revert "input: touch: maxim_sti: Check thread stop condition"Bo Kim
2013-10-31misc: ti-st: Create rx_list before all channels are registeredShobek Sam Attupurath
2013-10-22video: tegra: dc: nvhdcp off in shutdownMin-wuk Lee
2013-10-22ARM: dts: Tegra114: do not enable DC1 in DC probeMin-wuk Lee
2013-10-22tegra: video: hdmi: WAR: check hdmi validityMin-wuk Lee
2013-10-22ARM: tegra: tegratab: skip dc1 register in chargingMin-wuk Lee
2013-10-18input: misc: mpu: add load cal sysfsDavid Yu
2013-10-16ARM: Tegra: TT-power: set battery id check flagHyongbin Kim
2013-10-16max17048: add sysfs for check battery capacityHyongbin Kim
2013-10-15max17048: update temp change promptlyHyongbin Kim
2013-10-14ARM: dts: tegra114: tegratab: Update Micron dvfs table to v9.0Jinyoung Park
2013-10-14video: tegra: Remove delay if power is enabledHyongbin Kim
2013-10-11Revert "usb: gadget: mtp: increase MTP buffers"Alvin Park
2013-10-06driver: modified ov7695 orientationAlvin Park
2013-10-04ARM: tegra: usb: reduce hs_squelch levelHyongbin Kim
2013-10-04ARM: tegra: tegratab: change VD_DDR_R to 1.38VYong Goo Yi
2013-10-04ARM: dts: tegra114: tegratab: Update Micron dvfs table to v8.0Jinyoung Park
2013-10-03security: tf_driver: integrate latest TL releaseHyung Taek Ryoo
2013-10-01input: touch: maxim_sti: Update to version 1.4.3, v29Xiaohui Tao
2013-09-30power: bq2419x-charger: short vbus enable timeMartin Chi
2013-09-30ARM: TT: Skip hdmi init in charger bootHyongbin Kim
2013-09-30ARM: TT: Reduce charger mode boot timeHyongbin Kim
2013-09-26drivers: misc: therm_est: use late_initcall_syncJinyoung Park
2013-09-26input: touch: maxim: fix daemon crashing issueDavid Jung
2013-09-26input: touch: maxim_sti: Update to version v28David Jung
2013-09-26tegra: video: LGD 7" T5 and T6 delay fix.Min-wuk Lee
2013-09-26tegra: video: remove LGD 7" T4 in some conditionMin-wuk Lee
2013-09-24ARM: dts: tegratab: change default brightnessMin-wuk Lee
2013-09-22input: touch: maxim_sti: boot fusion from initXiaohui Tao
2013-09-22asoc: rt5639: Set Speaker OVCD to defaultScott Peterson
2013-09-16input: touch: maxim_sti: Check thread stop conditionBo Kim
2013-09-16tegratab: use touch_fusion for reversed panelBo Kim
2013-09-13ARM: dts: tegra114: Add tegratab dvfs table in DTJinyoung Park
2013-09-13ARM: tegra: clock: Use ram code for TegraTabJinyoung Park
2013-09-13misc: ti-st: Send timeout error if ST registration failsShobek Sam Attupurath
2013-09-12video: tegra: dc: dont restore windows in unblankRakesh Iyer
2013-09-12arm: Enable IRQs before attempting to read user space in __und_usrCatalin Marinas
2013-09-11ARM: dts: tegratab: update CMU calibration dataMin-wuk Lee
2013-09-11input: misc: akm8975: fix kernel panic on shutdownDavid Yu
2013-09-11input: sensor: compass: Add sec-salve-id for compassXiaohui Tao
2013-09-11asoc: rt5639: Test mode initializationScott Peterson
2013-09-11mmc: tegra: error handling if no cardHarry Hong
2013-09-10ARM: tegra: clock: Correct wrong pointer passingJinyoung Park
2013-09-10tegra: video: hdmi: WAR: ensure hdcp register access with clk enabledMin-wuk Lee
2013-09-10nvhdcp: avoid i2c transfer retry on suspendDavid Yu
2013-09-10video: tegra: avoid double free in modedbJon Mayo
2013-09-10HDCP: Only Wait for Communication to stop if HDMI is PluggedMatt Wagner