AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-23tegratab: config: set nls default to utf8daily-2014.01.08.0_rel-tegranote-r3-partnerHyong Bin Kim
2013-12-19input: misc: mpu: fix acclerometer stuckDavid Yu
2013-12-16Revert "dummy change for build brain"Kenneth Kwak
2013-12-15dummy change for build brainJake Park
2013-12-12ARM: tegra: tegratab: dummy changeHarry Hong
2013-12-12mmc: tegra: error handling if no cardDavid Yu
2013-12-12mmc: host: sdhci: delayed clock gate updateBitan Biswas
2013-12-10ARM: defconfigs: Enable Tegra profilerDavid Yu
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: send mapped memory regionsIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10tegra-profiler: backtraces from the kernel contextIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: backtracing for Thumb codeIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: add /proc/quadd/statusIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: add thumb flag into samplesIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: add poll supportIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: send buffer fill countIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: kprobes is no longer usedIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: remove excess callchainsIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: add /proc entriesIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10misc: tegra-profiler: fix incorrect namesIgor Nabirushkin
2013-12-10input: misc: mpu: reduce mpu init timeDavid Yu
2013-12-08mmc: host: sdhci: tegra: delayed clk gate enableBitan Biswas
2013-12-08mmc: host: sdhci: delayed clock gate supportPavan Kunapuli
2013-12-05input: touch: maxim: restore touch dvddDavid Jung
2013-12-04ARM: tegra: tegratab: Disable GPADC auto shutdownJinyoung Park
2013-12-04ARM: tegra: cpu: Set CPU freq min at suspend freqJinyoung Park
2013-12-04ARM: tegra: Change boost_up_threshold for MCCPUJinyoung Park
2013-12-04ARM: tegra: tegratab: Enable Tboard temp shutdown per board revisionJinyoung Park
2013-12-01ARM: configs: tegratab: set panic timeout to 4 secDavid Yu
2013-12-01arch: tegra: Enable cfq IO schedulerDavid Yu
2013-12-01ARM: tegra: tegratab: Enable Tboard temp shutdownJinyoung Park
2013-12-01iio: staging: adc: palmas: Restore CH3 current sourceJinyoung Park
2013-12-01iio: staging: adc: palmas: Support for auto conversion shutdownJinyoung Park
2013-12-01iio: staging: adc: palmas: Rename wakeup to auto conversionJinyoung Park
2013-12-01iio: staging: adc: palmas: Correct auto conversion periodJinyoung Park
2013-12-01iio: staging: adc: palmas: add support for auto conversion during sleepLaxman Dewangan
2013-12-01mfd: palmas: add auto conversion irqs in irq resourceLaxman Dewangan
2013-11-28tegratab: config: enable selinux to permissive modeHyongbin Kim
2013-11-28Revert "RM: tegratab: config: re-enable IKCONFIG_PROC"Harry Hong
2013-11-27usb: gadget: Tegra: 100mA charge current for EL_9Rakesh Bodla
2013-11-27power: bq2419x: find charging current from 100mAYong Goo Yi
2013-11-27active-standby: add cmdline into /proc/net/chunx
2013-11-27arm: tegra:active-standby:replace uid with cmdlinechunx
2013-11-25media:video:tegra: ov5693 fuse ID is 8bytes.Karl Kim
2013-11-21arm: tegra: spi: Reduce latency between spi transactionsShardar Shariff Md
2013-11-21spi: Dont call prepare/unprepare transfer if not populatedShubhrajyoti D
2013-11-21ARM: dts: tegratab: update smooth_k_incrMin-wuk Lee
2013-11-20ARM: tegra: always enable RAM repair for all chipsBo Yan
2013-11-18ARM: tegra: tegratab: Update Tskin coeffsJinyoung Park
2013-11-18staging: iio: adc: palmas: Force calibrate ADC valueJinyoung Park
2013-11-18ARM: tegra: tegratab: Update NTC thermistor tableJinyoung Park