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2012-07-10ENGR00216010-3: spdc: Make clock enable/disable paired for PIX and AXIimx-android-r13.5-alphaRobby Cai
2012-07-10ENGR00216010-2: [e|s]pdc: re-initialize the controller after resumeRobby Cai
2012-07-10ENGR00216010-1: gpc: Add missing display_pup_req config after system resumesRobby Cai
2012-07-10ENGR00216254 mx6 sabresd battery:change battery status update strategyLin Fuzhen
2012-07-10ENGR00215718: battery: fix issure that coulomb data increases in dischargerRong Dian
2012-07-10ENGR00216013-4 vpu: add phy address check ioctl.Zhang Jiejing
2012-07-10ENGR00216013-3 vpu: add VPU_IOC_PHYMEM_CHECK ioctl.Zhang Jiejing
2012-07-10ENGR00216013-2 mx6: not call memblock_free after reserve memory.Zhang Jiejing
2012-07-10ENGR00216013-1 memblock: add memblock_end_of_DRAM_with_reserved() function.Zhang Jiejing
2012-07-10ENGR00215792 USB:fix gadget issue when boot kernel with USB connectedmake shi
2012-07-10ENGR00215344-1 disable the fix of GPU became slow after long time runRichard Liu
2012-07-09ENGR00216008 ov5642: Add exposure calculation when set modeYuxi Sun
2012-07-09ENGR00216005 OV5640 mipi camera:Correct sensor chip nameLiu Ying
2012-07-06ENGR00215844 OV5642 camera: Add FPS checking for mode changeguoyin.chen
2012-07-06ENGR00215943 Fixed gpu power auto gating issueXianzhong
2012-07-06ENGR00215884-2 MX6 SabreSD:Refine OV csi camera reset sequenceLiu Ying
2012-07-06ENGR00215884-1 MX6 SabreSD:Refine OV mipi camera reset sequenceLiu Ying
2012-07-05ENGR00215592 - EPDC fb: Fix bug in selecting next LUT when 0-31 busyDanny Nold
2012-07-05ENGR00215188-4 PFUZE : remove related old code in pfuze driverRobin Gong
2012-07-05ENGR00215188-3 mx6sl:enable LDO bypass function on mx6sl_arm2Robin Gong
2012-07-05ENGR00215188-2 LDO bypass: disable LDO bypass before suspend and back in resumeRobin Gong
2012-07-05ENGR00215188-1 PFUZE CPUFREQ: reconstruct LDO bypass functionRobin Gong
2012-07-05ENGR00215668 [MX6]Only restore PU field value instead of whole reg valueAnson Huang
2012-07-05ENGR00215491 [MX6]Need to increase BUS freq when CPU freq is increasedAnson Huang
2012-07-05ENGR00214810 [MX6]Fix bus freq 50M->528M change issueAnson Huang
2012-07-04ENGR00215762 OV5642 camera:Improve XGA@30 image qualityLiu Ying
2012-07-04ENGR00215740 Enable the Keypadb02247
2012-07-04ENGR00215740 enable the keypad as wake up sourceb02247
2012-07-04ENGR00215504-1 Fixed gpu suspend resume failure issueXianzhong
2012-07-03ENGR00215504 Merge vivante 4.6.9 kernel part codeXianzhong
2012-07-03ENGR00215542 mx6sl: enable usb tether in mx6sl.Zhang Jiejing
2012-07-03ENGR00215531-6 V4L2:OV8820_mipi:Correct sensor data attributeLiu Ying
2012-07-03ENGR00215531-5 V4L2:OV5642:Correct sensor data attributeLiu Ying
2012-07-03ENGR00215531-4 V4L2:OV5640_mipi:Correct sensor data attributeLiu Ying
2012-07-03ENGR00215531-3 V4L2:OV5640:Correct sensor data attributeLiu Ying
2012-07-03ENGR00215531-2 V4L2:OV3640:Correct sensor data attributeLiu Ying
2012-07-03ENGR00215531-1 V4L2:ADV7180:Correct sensor data attributeLiu Ying
2012-07-02ENGR00215516 MX6x HDMI, keep HDMI HPD clock on when display blankSandor Yu
2012-07-02ENGR00215344 GPU became slow after long time run some applicationsRichard Liu
2012-06-29ENGR00215195 MX6 PM:Add necessary info for waitmode to help debug system issueLin Fuzhen
2012-06-29ENGR00215041-3 MX6 SabreSD:Correct camera and audio mclk freqLiu Ying
2012-06-29ENGR00215041-2 MX6 SabreSD:Set clko parent to be clko2Liu Ying
2012-06-29ENGR00215041-1 MX6 clock:Support clko2 to be clko's parent clkLiu Ying
2012-06-29Merge commit 'rel_imx_3.0.15_12.06.01_RC3' into imx_3.0.15_androidXinyu Chen
2012-06-28ENGR00214791-2 [MX6] GalCore gets baseAddress parameter for kernelLarry Li
2012-06-28ENGR00214791-1 [MX6] Add baseAddress parameter for GPU resourceLarry Li
2012-06-28ENGR00215165 android: config: support pptp,l2tp vpn function, enable magic keyZhang Jiejing
2012-06-27ENGR00214865 mxc_v4l2_capture:Be silent when closing deviceLiu Ying
2012-06-26ENGR00214899 mx6 sabresd: requires 400MHz DDR when WIFI workingXinyu Chen
2012-06-25ENGR00214765 [MX6]Fix resume fail when there is pending wakeup irqAnson Huang