AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-14ENGR00224171 evk : Touch screen has no response after resumeimx-android-r13.5-betaLiGang
2012-09-13ENGR00223954 External SD: Failed to init external SD on SD1Jack Lee
2012-09-11Merge commit 'rel_imx_3.0.35_12.09.02_RC2' into einkJack Lee
2012-09-11ENGR00223759 evK : Change F5 key to power key on Eink Add-on BoardJack Lee
2012-09-06ENGR00222170: Add mx6sl_evk_android_config for mx6sl evk boardJack Lee
2012-09-05Merge commit 'rel_imx_3.0.35_12.09.02_RC1' into imx_3.0.35_android_r13.5-betaJack Lee
2012-09-03ENGR00222855 MX6 CPUFREQ: support three VDDSOC setpointsrel_imx_3.0.35_12.09.02Robin Gong
2012-09-03ENGR00222841: mx6sl: pgc: display power gating causes PxP processing timeoutRobby Cai
2012-09-03ENGR00222834 MX6x-A9 prefetcher should not access DDR before IO is restoredRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-09-03ENGR00222835 MX6x-Fix incorrect enabling/disabling of PLL1Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-09-02ENGR00222257 MX6x-Prime TLB entries before DDR enters self-refresh.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-09-02ENGR00222157 MX6x-Fix bug in transitioning from low_bus to audio_bus mode.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-31ENGR00222134 MX6x - Fix race-conditions in low power code.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-31ENGR00222133 MX6SL - Fix crashes caused by Low power IDLE supportRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-31ENGR00221370 IPUv3:Clean up IPUv3 interrupt handlerLiu Ying
2012-08-30ENGR00221983 IPUv3:Correct ERR and SYNC interrupt line numbersLiu Ying
2012-08-30ENGR00221218: imx6: remove redundant spi defineRobby Cai
2012-08-30ENGR00222005 mfgtool can't work on mx6sl evk boardTony LIU
2012-08-29ENGR00221975 Fix race condition in clock code.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-29ENGR00221974 MX6SL-Fix system hang/crash issue in low power IDLERanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-29ENGR00221970 MX6SL:Fix suspend/resume issue on MX6SLEVKRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-30ENGR00221902 [MX6]Fix udelay inaccurate issue during suspend/resumeAnson Huang
2012-08-29ENGR00221867 sabresd : support adjust VDDSOC if enable LDO bypassRobin Gong
2012-08-29ENGR00221716-02 Mx6 USB host: add port speed define MACRO to arc_otg.hmake shi
2012-08-29ENGR00221716-01 Mx6 USB host: set disconnect bit should wait for resume finishedmake shi
2012-08-29ENGR00182456-3 HDMI VIDEO: abort audio when unblank and plugoutChen Liangjun
2012-08-29ENGR00182456-2 HDMI AUDIO: register/unregister when audio pcm open/closeChen Liangjun
2012-08-29ENGR00182456-1 HDMI: Add interface for HDMI audio managementChen Liangjun
2012-08-29ENGR00221643 [MX6]Fix race condition of pfd 400 usecountAnson Huang
2012-08-29ENGR00221438 [MX6]Adjust CPU setpoint according to datasheetAnson Huang
2012-08-28ENGR00221298 Fix tuner clock frequency on SSIAlejandro Sierra
2012-08-28ENGR00221689 wm8962: add wait time after enable power supplyGary Zhang
2012-08-28ENGR00221302 [MX6SL_ARM2/EVK]: VDDSOC adjust if use LDO bypassRobin Gong
2012-08-27ENGR00221457 MX6DL clock:Set PLL3_PFD_540M to 540MHzLiu Ying
2012-08-27ENGR00221450 imx6 thermal: add sys_close() in cooling deviceRong Dian
2012-08-27ENGR00221197-2 Update gpu driver to check Soc temperatureLoren HUANG
2012-08-27ENGR00221197-1 imx6 thermal: clear thermal hot variable in cooling deviceRong Dian
2012-08-27ENGR00221438 [MX6]:Remove Rigel's 200M working pointLin Fuzhen
2012-08-27ENGR00221457 MX6DL clock:Set PLL3_PFD_540M to 540MHzLiu Ying
2012-08-27ENGR00221444 HDMI: video mode wrong when bootup without HDMI cableSandor Yu
2012-08-27ENGR00221445 ov5642: return error number when change camera modeYuxi Sun
2012-08-26ENGR00221161 [MX6SL]- Add audio bus freq mode support.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-26ENGR00221440 MX6x-Fix race-condition in checking bus_freq variablesRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-26ENGR00221441 MX6SL - Update voltages based on the latest datasheet.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-08-24ENGR00220796-3: imx6sl arm2/evk: Add platform_device for V4L2 supportRobby Cai
2012-08-24ENGR00220796-2: v4l2 imx6sl: Add V4L2 driver supportRobby Cai
2012-08-24ENGR00220796-1: pxp: Add stride configuration for some pixel formatRobby Cai
2012-08-24ENGR00219933 CS42888: abort delay powerdown if codec is onChen Liangjun
2012-08-24ENGR00221203-2 IPU Device: replace BUG macro with error messageWayne Zou
2012-08-24ENGR00221203-1 IPU Device: Avoid release resource twice when timeoutWayne Zou