AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-09-23ENGR00157540 asrc: fix mx53 ard p2p mode unworkrel_imx_2.6.35_11.09.01Dong Aisheng
2011-09-23ENGR00157413 asrc: fix mem to mem mode sounds incorrect issueDong Aisheng
2011-09-21ENGR00156976 - PxP: fix imx-lib build breakDanny Nold
2011-09-14ENGR00156420 - EPDC/PxP: Add support for color mapDanny Nold
2011-09-14ENGR00156183-2 sii902x: add error handle of put_pins for probe failJason Chen
2011-09-14ENGR00156183-1 mx53_loco: add get_pins/put_pins call back for sii902xJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00156300 - EPDC fb: Move ISR code to work Q & replace spinlocks with mutexesDanny Nold
2011-09-07ENGR00155880 USB device: Fix RNDIS Full Speed hang during initializationAnish Trivedi
2011-09-07ENGR00156159 usb-device: do not deal with un-enabled device interruptPeter Chen
2011-09-06ENGR00155137 mx53 Ripley: enable SWBST in stop modeRobin Gong
2011-09-01ENGR00155763 SR:1-776919222 Noise from sgtl5000 when rebootb02247
2011-09-01ENGR00155638 mx53 power: Add DDR float pin operation when system idleWayne Zou
2011-08-31ENGR00155562 [eSDHC]fix DDTS ENGcm03648Tony Lin
2011-08-31ARM: 6419/1: mmu: Fix MT_MEMORY and MT_MEMORY_NONCACHED pte flagsSantosh Shilimkar
2011-08-31ARM: 6407/1: mmu: Setup MT_MEMORY and MT_MEMORY_NONCACHED L1 entriesSantosh Shilimkar
2011-08-31ENGR00155268 usb-gadget: fix potential risk between rapid usb cable plug in/outTony Liu
2011-08-31ENGR00154940 usb-gadget: Fix wrong vbus discharge operation druing suspendTony Liu
2011-08-30ENGR00155574 [eSDHC]fix sdio irq enable bugTony Lin
2011-08-30Do not call flush_cache_user_range with mmap_sem heldDima Zavin
2011-08-29ENGR00155472 mx53_loco: support for RevB and RevA of Ripely mx53_locoRobin Gong
2011-08-29ENGR00155145 ipuv3 disp pos: restore pos setting after channel disable.Jason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00153474 ipuv3 split mode: vf and enc task display with errorJason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00155141 ipuv3 split mode: adjust split calculate functionJason Chen
2011-08-26ENGR00155292 usb-host: do not clear RS bit when usb bus goes to suspendPeter Chen
2011-08-24ENGR00155282 mc34708: support to build mc34708 driver onlyLily Zhang
2011-08-24ENGR00144145-2 usb: can be built as loadable modulesPeter Chen
2011-08-24ENGR00144145-1 usb: can be built as loadable modulesPeter Chen
2011-08-22ENGR00155173 mx53_ard: fix CAN unable to communicate issueDong Aisheng
2011-08-22ENGR00155100 mx5: Use CONFIG_MXS_DMA_ENGINE to control DMA codeLily Zhang
2011-08-22ENGR00154458 Mx53 clock: close ssi_ext1_clkYuxi Sun
2011-08-19ENGR00144056 MX53_SMD: COIN_CELL, no power supply for coin cellWayne Zou
2011-08-19ENGR00154704 usb-gadget: wmb is needed after dtd pointer is updated for armv7Peter Chen
2011-08-19ENGR00154703 usb-gadget: fix spin_lock recursion problem at SMP platformPeter Chen
2011-08-17ENGR00154044 usb-otg: the device is invalid when usb device at otg portPeter Chen
2011-08-16ENGR00154880 ipuv3 dev: wait event could be signal returnJason Chen
2011-08-12ENGR00154775 esdhc: provide clock enable interfaceDong Aisheng
2011-08-10ENGR00152844 pmic_wm8325: Add wm8325 driver supportWayne Zou
2011-08-09ENGR00154437 mxc edid: add cea extend revision 1 and 2 supportJason Chen
2011-08-08ENGR00154431 - MXCFB_SET_WAVEFORMS ioctl brokenDanny Nold
2011-08-08ENGR00154432 PMIC DA9053: fix I2C NAK for first access and shutdown issueWayne Zou
2011-08-08ENGR00154016 DA9053 TSI: stop TSI threads during system idle and no touch eventWayne Zou
2011-08-08ENGR00154433 ASRC: Fix ASRC build error.Zeng Zhaoming
2011-08-05ENGR00154300-2 ASRC: Fix Mx53 ASRC not works with SSIZeng Zhaoming
2011-08-05ENGR00154300-1 SDMA: Fix Mx53 ASRC not works with SSIZeng Zhaoming
2011-08-04ENGR00144281 SDMA: System hangs in bootup when kernel_preempt not enableZeng Zhaoming
2011-08-03ENGR00154226-2 IPUv3 FB:Improve driverLiu Ying
2011-08-03ENGR00154226-1 IPUv3:Improve driverLiu Ying
2011-07-29ENGR00153941 input: egalax_ts - not dump the i2c package in debug level.Zhang Jiejing
2011-07-30ENGR00153830-2 vpu: Add VPU_IOC_REQ_VSHARE_MEM ioctl for shared memorySammy He
2011-07-30ENGR00153830-1 vpu: Add new VPU_IOC_REQ_VSHARE_MEM ioctl in mxc_vpu.hSammy He