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2013-01-28ENGR00241003-2 pfuze: using _sel interface to add delay supportrel_imx_3.0.35_1.1.2rel_imx_3.0.35_1.1.13.0-imx6-ts3Anson Huang
2013-01-28ENGR00241003-1 mx6: need to add delay in LDO voltage settingAnson Huang
2012-12-17ENGR00236169 MX6 USB :kfree udc_controller when remove udc driverrel_imx_3.0.35_1.1.0make shi
2012-12-12ENGR00236020-2 wm8962: hp/speaker switching afer resumeGary Zhang
2012-12-12ENGR00236020-1 ALSA: add calling of trigger in machine driverGary Zhang
2012-12-12ENGR00235817 mx6: use SNVS LPGPR register to store boot mode value.Zhang Jiejing
2012-12-12ENGR00236499 ASRC: fix build warningChen Liangjun
2012-12-12ENGR00236196: mxc_vout: add YV12 format support in enum fmt field.Sheng Nan
2012-12-12ENGR00235665: mxc_v4l2_capture: add YV12 format support in camera driverSheng Nan
2012-12-12ENGR00236031 MX6 USB :Change default USB H1 and OTG driver load ordermake shi
2012-12-12ENGR00232530 Refine VPU suspend/resume according to open_countHongzhang Yang
2012-12-05ENGR00235624 Quad/DualLite ARD: MTD partition non alignedAlejandro Sierra
2012-12-05ENGR00235626 FEC: Enable phy pause frame featureFugang Duan
2012-12-05ENGR00235630 MX6 USB :fix USB does not work when plug in device during suspendmake shi
2012-12-05ENGR00234722 USB: fix Kernel dump issue after USB driver loadablemake shi
2012-11-29ENGR00235268: change caam_ipg_clk's CG to CG6Terry Lv
2012-11-29ENGR00235081 Quad DL: Fix chip select for SPI-NOR and flagsAlejandro Sierra
2012-11-29ENGR00234466 UART: Fix disablement of CTS signalAlejandro Sierra
2012-11-29ENGR00234111 wm8962: switch automatically between speaker and hpGary Zhang
2012-11-28ENGR00234236 1588: fix kernel build warningFugang Duan
2012-11-28ENGR00235090 FEC: Workaround for FEC RX hang with stress testFugang Duan
2012-11-28ENGR00234933 mmc: sdhci: invalid cd_gpio for always_present host controllerRyan QIAN
2012-11-28ENGR00234781 input: add novatek touch screen driver.Zhang Jiejing
2012-11-28ENGR00234685-2 mx6q_sabreauto: change Sabreauto board to LDO-ENABLED modeRobin Gong
2012-11-28ENGR00234685-1 cpufreq:fix one bug in cpufreq driver if I2C transfer errorRobin Gong
2012-11-28ENGR00233569 SDMA: Add support for SDMA M2M copyGe Lei
2012-11-28ENGR00234387 mx6sl: csi/v4l2: add V4L2_MEMORY_USERPTR supportRobby Cai
2012-11-28ENGR00234519 mmc: support eMMC v4.5 memory cardsRyan QIAN
2012-11-28ENGR00234362 Camera: ov5640_mipi: wait for sensor stable before streamonSheng Nan
2012-11-28ENGR00234531 fix MFGTOOL issue after USB module loadable doneTony LIU
2012-11-28ENGR00234401: CAAM: Fix incorrect invalidate call for output ringSteve Cornelius
2012-11-28ENGR00234411-2 CPUFREQ: fix one code bug on regulator restore when failRobin Gong
2012-11-28ENGR00234411-1 Sabreauto: fix error print COULD NOT SET GP VOLTAGE.Robin Gong
2012-11-28ENGR00233494 EPDC: Driver only supports 16 LUTsMichael Minnick
2012-11-28ENGR00234354-2: board-mx6q_sabreauto aline weim-nor partition layoutAdrian Alonso
2012-11-28ENGR00234354-1: board-mx6q_sabreauto aline spi-nor partition layoutAdrian Alonso
2012-11-26mm: fix off-by-two in __zone_watermark_ok()Michal Hocko
2012-11-20ENGR00234217 cpufreq:fix loops_per_jiffy wrong on new suspend flow of cpufreqRobin Gong
2012-11-19ENGR00229852 csi/v4l: lower the priority of "working queue empty" messageRobby Cai
2012-11-19ENGR00232893 mx6sl: pxp/v4l2: add dependency on CONFIG_FB_MXC_ELCDIF_FBRobby Cai
2012-11-19ENGR00231307 csi/camera: add some ioctlsRobby Cai
2012-11-19ENGR00234045 fix building error caused by ENGR00233366Robin Gong
2012-11-19ENGR00233366-4 WDOG LDO_BYPASS: fix wdog2 to reset external pmic in ldo bypassRobin Gong
2012-11-19ENGR00233366-3 CPUFREQ:add cpufreq restore back if set failRobin Gong
2012-11-19ENGR00233366-2 mx6q_sabresd mx6sl_arm2 mx6sl_evk: config in LDO bypassRobin Gong
2012-11-19ENGR00233366-1 Anatop PFUZE: LDO bypass can be configed by cmdlineRobin Gong
2012-11-19ENGR00234040 FUSE 1.2G: add fuse bit for 1.2GRobin Gong
2012-11-17ENGR00233770 i.mx6q/vpu: Add fuse check for VPU_DISABLE featureJason Liu
2012-11-16ENGR00233705 [MX6SL] -Fix suspend/resume issue when SD1 is used to boot.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-11-16ENGR00233929: add kernel command line to enable snvsTerry Lv