AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-06ENGR00255484-3 msl: usb: add clock deinit at fail pathrel_imx_3.0.35_2.1.0Peter Chen
2013-05-06ENGR00255484-2 usb: ehci-arc: add NULL pointer check for pdata->pdevPeter Chen
2013-05-06ENGR00255484-1 msl: usb: add NULL poiner check for fsl_xcvr_opsPeter Chen
2013-05-04ENGR00261276 mx6sl: Fix build warningRobby Cai
2013-05-04ENGR00261060 mx6sl evk: make two BT modules configurable dynamicallyRobby Cai
2013-05-03ENGR00261037-2: usb: fix the bug that mark lowpower flag wronglyPeter Chen
2013-05-03ENGR00261037-1: usb: usb host works abnormal after unload gadget modulePeter Chen
2013-05-02ENGR00258651 thermal: update equation for i.MX6slAnson Huang
2013-05-02ENGR00256543 mx6: Update equation for thermal sensor on i.MX6DLAnson Huang
2013-05-02ENGR00255481 mx6: Update equation for thermal sensorAnson Huang
2013-04-24ENGR00260082 mx6sl_evk: Change wm8962's MCLK to 24MHzNicolin Chen
2013-04-24ENGR00258491-4 msl-mx6: usb: fix clock unmatch problem after unload modulePeter Chen
2013-04-24ENGR00258491-3 usb: fix clock unmatch problem after unload modulePeter Chen
2013-04-24ENGR00258491-2 msl-mx6: usb: put PHY to be out of low power explicitlyPeter Chen
2013-04-24ENGR00258491-1 usb: host: fix error at unload module pathPeter Chen
2013-04-17ENGR00259189 thermal:mx6: Make sure thermal alarm working safelyAnson Huang
2013-04-11ENGR00255733 MX6SL: Enable DISPLAY power gating only on TO1.2Robby Cai
2013-04-11ENGR00257130-7 usb: host: Disable wakeup when switch PHY from off to onPeter Chen
2013-04-11ENGR00257130-6 mx6-msl: usb: Add 500us delay for phy stable timePeter Chen
2013-04-11ENGR00257130-5 mx6sl: Add config for USB ID as system wakeup sourcePeter Chen
2013-04-11ENGR00257130-4 mx6sl: different layout for stop_mode_configPeter Chen
2013-04-11ENGR00257130-3 usb: host: open the PHY when changing wakeup settingPeter Chen
2013-04-11ENGR00257130-2 msl: usb: Disable auto power PHY if usb wakeup disabledPeter Chen
2013-04-11ENGR00257130-1 mx6sl_evk: Add Host 1 vbus callbackPeter Chen
2013-04-10ENGR00257244 Fixed endless collisions in EPDCJay Monkman
2013-03-22ENGR00255491 ov5640: Fix build break by make modulesRobby Cai
2013-03-21ENGR00252064-3 camera: ov5640: fix missed setting for light_frequencyRobby Cai
2013-03-21ENGR00252064-2 mx6sl: ov5640: need enable MCLK before read sensor IDRobby Cai
2013-03-21ENGR00252064-1 csi/v4l: need power on sensor for its initializationRobby Cai
2013-03-21ENGR00253947 EPDC: fix reboot failureRobby Cai
2013-03-21ENGR00253849 EPDC: fix build warnings in epdc fb driverRobby Cai
2013-03-21ENGR00237365: board-mx6q_sabreauto fix mipi-csi2 settingsAdrian Alonso
2013-03-20ENGR00254896 mx6: hdmidongle: Fix compile error.Zhang Xiaodong
2013-03-20ENGR00254931 IPUv3 Fb: Fix display twinkling issue during suspend/resumeWayne Zou
2013-03-15ENGR00253355 ARM: imx6q/imx6dl: Set proper PAD value for WEIM NORHuang Shijie
2013-03-15ENGR00254457 mx6dl: fix mx6dl TO1.1 can't enter 'mem'Robin Gong
2013-03-14ENGR00243289 egalax_ts: Add support for single-touchEric Nelson
2013-03-14ENGR00254267 MX6DL/MX6SL max freq: Fix max cpu freq at 1G on MX6DL ARDRobin Gong
2013-03-13ENGR00253927 IPU: Fix NULL pointer bug when BG EOF interrupt occur earlyWayne Zou
2013-03-13ENGR00243315-6 ADV7180:Remove unnecessary header filesLiu Ying
2013-03-13ENGR00243315-5 ADV7180:Power management adjustmentLiu Ying
2013-03-13ENGR00243315-4 MXC V4L2 Capture:Improve debug info for s_stdLiu Ying
2013-03-13ENGR00243315-3 MXC V4L2 Capture:Remove unnecessary mclk settingLiu Ying
2013-03-13ENGR00243315-2 IPUv3 CSI:Remove test mode clock settingLiu Ying
2013-03-13ENGR00243315-1 IPUv3 CSI:Correct CCIR code1/2 for PAL and NTSCLiu Ying
2013-03-12ENGR00253835: CAAM: Fix build warnings in caamhash.cTerry Lv
2013-03-12ENGR00253418 IMX6 SabreSD Display: Support LVDS1 and HDMI dual displayWayne Zou
2013-03-12ENGR00169384 imx6q: uart: config and enble uart5Jianzheng Zhou
2013-03-12ENGR00234501 ASoC: spdif: fix Ubuntu reboot hang issueNicolin Chen
2013-03-08ENGR00253290-2 ASoC: imx-wm8962: fix continuous playback distortion issueNicolin Chen