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2010-05-20tegra: added delay to avoid hang after Lp0 resumetegra-9.12.12Narendra Damahe
2010-05-20tegra:adding timeout for graceful exitNarendra Damahe
2010-05-20tegra usb-phy: Enable/disable Clock Over On bit for all controllersVenkat Moganty
2010-05-20nvmap: fix unpin/pin race condition with RECLAIM_UNPINNED_VMAntti Hatala
2010-05-20tegra kernel: Fixed version mismatch error.vdumpa
2010-05-20tegra usb-phy: Fix UTMI/ULPI LP0 issues.Venkat Moganty
2010-05-20tegra power: Don't power gate the TD partition.tkasivajhula
2010-05-20[ARM/tegra] usbphy: partial revert of assignment != comparisonGary King
2010-05-17tegra mmc: enable MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME config for tegra_harmony_androidDeepesh Gujarathi
2010-05-17[ARM/tegra] usbphy: assignment != comparisonGary King
2010-05-17tegra-kernel-fuse: Add fuse burning support from Linux via sysfsVenu Byravarasu
2010-05-17tegra power: Workaround for daemon crash.tkasivajhula
2010-05-15tegra:Power Good Timer value change for HarmonyNarendra Damahe
2010-05-15tegra serial: Removing the compilation warning.Laxman Dewangan
2010-05-14[ARM/tegra] Enable DEVNVMAP_RECLAIM_UNPINNED_VM in androidSachin Nikam
2010-05-14tegra kbc: Sw interface to set debaunce time in clock ticks.Laxman Dewangan
2010-05-14tegra ehci: Shutdown ehci only when host is in operationRama Kandhala
2010-05-13[tegra ALSA] Updating sndfx header fileVijay Mali
2010-05-13tegra nvec_keyboard: disable key scanning before exitingVarun Wadekar
2010-05-12warnings: Cleaning up compilation warnings from tegra codeSachin Nikam
2010-05-12tegra: Perform DSB immediately before WFIScott Williams
2010-05-12tegra RM : Bug 661401 Move RM transport into a seperate device nodeakamath
2010-05-12tegra RIL - added wake up pins and audio configurationSheshu Shenoy
2010-05-11nvmap: free from correct carveout block if init split heap failsGary King
2010-05-11tegra serial: Fixing system freeze when doing uart data transfer.Laxman Dewangan
2010-05-11tegra : Move AVPLC to 24 MhzDara Ramesh
2010-05-11tegra RM: Updated tegra idle loop timing (part 2).Alex Frid
2010-05-10tegra pm: use correct config variable nameMayuresh Kulkarni
2010-05-10tegra ALSA: Do not queue buffers to the mixer in stopped stateSandeep Shinde
2010-05-07tegra gpio: Removing the redundant table for gpio-vddio rail.Laxman Dewangan
2010-05-07udc/tegra: configure memory prefetcher for USBPavan Kunapuli
2010-05-07tegra l2 cache: minor code shufflingMayuresh Kulkarni
2010-05-07tegra ALSA: Replacing completion object with wait_queue_head_tSandeep Shinde
2010-05-07tegra_uvc:graceful exit when usb camera is unpluggedSachin Nikam
2010-05-07ehci tegra: Power down phy during auto suspend.Venkat Moganty
2010-05-07Merge branch 'android-tegra-2.6.29-9.12.11' of ssh://git-master/linux-2.6 int...Gary King
2010-05-07fsl udc: Fix cable connect/disconnect checkingtegra-9.12.11Venkat Moganty
2010-05-07nvmap: re-enable use of IOVMMBharat Nihalani
2010-05-07tegra power: Fix gart suspend/resume operationstkasivajhula
2010-05-06tegra pmu: Fix SetVoltage supply programmingshranjan
2010-05-06Power rail enable/disable for sd suspend/resumePavan Kunapuli
2010-05-06tegra RM: Updated display clock limit calculation.Alex Frid
2010-05-06nvmap: re-enable use of IOVMMBharat Nihalani
2010-05-06tegra power: Fix gart suspend/resume operationstkasivajhula
2010-05-05tegra: Save CPU local timers as part of CPU contextScott Williams
2010-05-05tegra ODM: Added CPU rail sequencer delay.Alex Frid
2010-05-05fsl udc: Fix cable connect/disconnect checkingVenkat Moganty
2010-05-04tegra kbc: Fixing android boot if key is kept press during boot.Laxman Dewangan
2010-05-04tegra: Clean up low-level power codeScott Williams
2010-05-04tegra lp0 : entry with sdBitan Biswas