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2020-03-23hwmon: (sht3x) add devicetree supporttoradex_4.14-2.0.x-imx-nexttoradex_4.14-2.0.x-imxWojciech Slenska
2020-03-10ARM: dts: colibri_imx6: fix analogue camera adapter detectionMarcel Ziswiler
2020-03-09ARM64: boot: dts: verdin-imx8mm: Remove unsupported rgmii dly from fecPhilippe Schenker
2020-03-09ARM64: boot: dts: apalis-imx8qm: Correct comment from 3.3V to 1.8VPhilippe Schenker
2020-03-04ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8mm: Add rxc txc dll 2ns delayPhilippe Schenker
2020-03-04dt-bindings: micrel-ksz90x1: Add rxc-dll and txc-dll propertiesPhilippe Schenker
2020-03-04net: phy: micrel: Add KSZ9131 rxdll txdll bypass dt propertiesPhilippe Schenker
2020-03-04ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm-v1.1: Remove RXC delay in MACPhilippe Schenker
2020-03-04ARM: mach-imx6q: add ksz9131rn_phy_fixupPhilippe Schenker
2020-03-04dt-bindings: net: add support for Microchip KSZ9131Yuiko Oshino
2020-03-04net: phy: micrel: add Microchip KSZ9131 initial driverYuiko Oshino
2020-02-24perf: Make perf able to build with latest libbfdChangbin Du
2020-02-24spi: spidev: fix a showing of speed setting messageOleksandr Suvorov
2020-02-24spi: spidev: fix debug message valueOleksandr Suvorov
2020-02-24Revert "spi: spidev: fix setting of max speed"Oleksandr Suvorov
2020-02-24ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8mm: add ctrl_sleep_mociMarcel Ziswiler
2020-02-19spi: spidev: fix setting of max speedOleksandr Suvorov
2020-02-19spi: fsl-lpspi: remove unneeded arrayOleksandr Suvorov
2020-02-17ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8mm: Add off-on-delay to usdhc2Philippe Schenker
2020-02-17ARM: dts: imx7-colibri: Fix frequency for eMMCOleksandr Suvorov
2020-02-12ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm: V1.0 devicetree inherit from V1.1 dtsPhilippe Schenker
2020-02-12ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm: add new v1.1-eval.dtsPhilippe Schenker
2020-02-12ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm: changes to v1.1 modulePhilippe Schenker
2020-02-12ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm: copy v1.0 devicetree to v1.1Philippe Schenker
2020-02-12ARM: dts: imx6q-apalis: Fix pin nameOleksandr Suvorov
2020-02-11spi: imx: Use dynamic bursts only when bits_per_word is 8, 16 or 32Maxime Chevallier
2020-02-06ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8mm: bump copyright yearPhilippe Schenker
2020-02-06ARM64: dts: add sn65dsi84 dsi-to-lvds bridge to devicetreePhilippe Schenker
2020-02-06ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8mm: add atmel_mxt_ts touchscreen controllerPhilippe Schenker
2020-02-06ARM64: dts: imx8mm-verdin: add backlightPhilippe Schenker
2020-02-06sn65dsi83: Add ti,sn65dsi83 dsi to lvds bridge driverValentin Raevsky
2020-02-03ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm: add wifi power down pin to pcie supplyPhilippe Schenker
2020-02-03ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm: add sleep-mode to fecPhilippe Schenker
2020-01-31ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm: add phy interrupt and led-modePhilippe Schenker
2020-01-31ARM64: dts: apalis-imx8qm: add power-domain to power down ETH PHYPhilippe Schenker
2020-01-31ARM64: defconfig: add SIMPLE_PM_BUS used for powering down ETH PHYPhilippe Schenker
2020-01-20drm: panel-simple: fix typo in pixelclock frequency for lt170410_2whcPhilippe Schenker
2020-01-16arm64: dts: fsl-imx8mm-verdin: eth phy: prevent backfeeding during sleepMax Krummenacher
2020-01-16arm64: dts: fsl-imx8mm-verdin: eth phy: improve startupMax Krummenacher
2020-01-09Revert "arm64: dts: imx8qm-apalis: disable dsp"Max Krummenacher
2020-01-09fsl_dsp.c: test for dsp existence before installing driverMax Krummenacher
2019-12-24apalis/colibri_imx6/-imx6ull/_imx7_defconfig: fix ip firewall (bpf/cgroup)Verdin-iMX8MM_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20200101Colibri-iMX8X_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20200101Colibri-iMX7_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20200101Colibri-iMX7-eMMC_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20200101Colibri-iMX6_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20200101Colibri-iMX6ULL_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20200101Apalis-iMX8_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20200101Apalis-iMX8X_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20191231Apalis-iMX6_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20191231Marcel Ziswiler
2019-12-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'fslc/4.14-2.0.x-imx' into toradex_4.14-2.0.x-im...Marcel Ziswiler
2019-12-19Merge pull request #56 from toradex/4.14-2.0.x-imxOtavio Salvador
2019-12-19crypto: mxs-dcp: remove merge conflict markersMarcel Ziswiler
2019-12-19Merge branch '' into toradex_4....Marcel Ziswiler
2019-12-19Merge pull request #55 from toradex/4.14-2.0.x-imxOtavio Salvador
2019-12-18Merge tag 'v4.14.159' into 4.14-2.0.x-imxMarcel Ziswiler
2019-12-17Linux 4.14.159Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-12-17of: unittest: fix memory leak in attach_node_and_childrenErhard Furtner