AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-24fsl-imx8qm-apalis.dts: add backlight pwmtoradex_imx_4.9.51_imx8_beta2-bring_upMax Krummenacher
2018-11-14dtb: apalis-imx8qm: Add the two spi instancesMax Krummenacher
2018-11-14dtb: imx8qm: Add the lpspi2 nodeMax Krummenacher
2018-10-31apalis-imx8qm: enable sataMarcel Ziswiler
2018-10-31ata: imx: add external clock support for i.MX8QMMarcel Ziswiler
2018-06-15apalis-imx8qm: remove lpcg_xxx clocks in module level dtStefan Agner
2018-06-15MLK-18433 PCI: imx: remove the lpcg_xxx clocks in driverRichard Zhu
2018-06-15Revert "ARM64: dts: fsl-imx8qm: use X2 peripheral clock on both instances"Stefan Agner
2018-06-15Revert "PCI: imx6: make sure peripheral clock is available early"Stefan Agner
2018-06-08Revert "apalis-imx8qm: disable LVDS by default"Stefan Agner
2018-05-23imx8: isi: XXX: Add code to force format setting in the actual sensorTomasz Gorochowik
2018-05-23imx8: isi: Disable scaling when not neededTomasz Gorochowik
2018-05-23imx8: csi: Recognize all yuv formats as yuvTomasz Gorochowik
2018-05-23imx8: csi: Implement proper subdev accessTomasz Gorochowik
2018-05-23imx8: csi: Fix off-by-one error in sensors enumerationTomasz Gorochowik
2018-05-23arm64: defconfig: Choose the newer version of the ov5640 driverTomasz Gorochowik
2018-05-23dtb: apalis-imx8qm: Add proper ov5640 instantiationTomasz Gorochowik
2018-05-23drivers: media: Add new ov5640 driverTomasz Gorochowik
2018-05-16apalis-imx8qm: disable LVDS by defaultStefan Agner
2018-05-02arm64: defconfig: add SGTL5000 supportStefan Agner
2018-05-02apalis-imx8qm: add audio support through SGTL5000 codecStefan Agner
2018-05-02apalis-imx8qm: add Apalis I2C1 and RTC supportStefan Agner
2018-05-02arm64: defconfig: add M41T0 RTC supportStefan Agner
2018-05-02rtc: ds1307: support m41t0 variantStefan Agner
2018-04-27add configs required by Toradex Easy InstallerStefan Agner
2018-04-05apalis-imx8qm: fix UART2 RTS/CTS signalStefan Agner
2018-02-20apalis-imx8qm: enable USBH_EN by defaultStefan Agner
2018-02-20ARM64: dts: fsl-imx8qm: use X2 peripheral clock on both instancesStefan Agner
2018-02-19PCI: imx6: make sure peripheral clock is available earlyStefan Agner
2018-02-19apalis-imx8qm: it seems that X2 peripheral clock is requiredStefan Agner
2018-02-19apalis-imx8qm: mux clock enable pin in clock driverStefan Agner
2018-02-16apalis-imx8qm: add HDMI CTRL GPIO in device treeStefan Agner
2018-02-16drm/imx/hdp: add HDMI CTRL GPIO supportStefan Agner
2018-02-07arm64: defconfig: add configs for BluetoothStefan Agner
2018-02-06apalis-imx8qm: enable HDMIStefan Agner
2018-01-31apalis-imx8qm: add USB HSIC supportStefan Agner
2018-01-31apalis-imx8qm: disable HDMI I2C to avoid freezeStefan Agner
2018-01-31apalis-imx8qm: migrate device tree to beta2Stefan Agner
2018-01-31arm64: defconfig: add Marvell Wi-Fi supportStefan Agner
2018-01-31apalis-imx8qm: take PLX PCIe switch out of reset via GPIO7Stefan Agner
2018-01-31apalis-imx8qm: enable PCIe/Wi-FiStefan Agner
2018-01-31PCI: imx6: add external clock support for i.MX8QMStefan Agner
2018-01-30apalis-imx8qm: disable HDMIStefan Agner
2018-01-30apalis-imx8qm: improve OV5640 MIPI CSI2 supportStefan Agner
2018-01-30arm64: defconfig: add configs for Apalis iMX8Stefan Agner
2018-01-30apalis-imx8qm: add Apalis I2C3 for camera and OV5640Stefan Agner
2018-01-30apalis-imx8qm: add USB3503a hub supportStefan Agner
2018-01-30usb: misc: usb3503: make sure reset is low for at least 100usStefan Agner
2018-01-30apalis-imx8qm: add GPIO FAN and USBH_EN regulatorStefan Agner
2018-01-30apalis-imx8qm: use GPIO backlight driverStefan Agner