AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-13gitlab-ci: import from toradex_5.4-2.1.x-imxtoradex_vf_4.4-nexttoradex_vf_4.4Philippe Schenker
2020-10-10Merge tag 'v4.4.238' into toradex_vf_4.4-nextMax Krummenacher
2020-10-01Linux 4.4.238Greg Kroah-Hartman
2020-10-01ata: sata_mv, avoid trigerrable BUG_ONJiri Slaby
2020-10-01ata: make qc_prep return ata_completion_errorsJiri Slaby
2020-10-01ata: define AC_ERR_OKJiri Slaby
2020-10-01lib/string.c: implement stpcpyNick Desaulniers
2020-10-01kprobes: Fix to check probe enabled before disarm_kprobe_ftrace()Masami Hiramatsu
2020-10-01tty: vt, consw->con_scrolldelta cleanupJiri Slaby
2020-10-01MIPS: Add the missing 'CPU_1074K' into __get_cpu_type()Wei Li
2020-10-01ALSA: asihpi: fix iounmap in error handlerTom Rix
2020-10-01batman-adv: mcast/TT: fix wrongly dropped or rerouted packetsLinus Lüssing
2020-10-01atm: eni: fix the missed pci_disable_device() for eni_init_one()Jing Xiangfeng
2020-10-01batman-adv: bla: fix type misuse for backbone_gw hash indexingLinus Lüssing
2020-10-01mwifiex: Increase AES key storage size to 256 bitsMaximilian Luz
2020-10-01s390/init: add missing __init annotationsIlya Leoshkevich
2020-10-01vfio/pci: fix racy on error and request eventfd ctxZeng Tao
2020-10-01vfio/pci: Clear error and request eventfd ctx after releasingAlex Williamson
2020-10-01x86/speculation/mds: Mark mds_user_clear_cpu_buffers() __always_inlineThomas Gleixner
2020-10-01mtd: parser: cmdline: Support MTD names containing one or more colonsBoris Brezillon
2020-10-01ceph: fix potential race in ceph_check_capsJeff Layton
2020-10-01mtd: rawnand: omap_elm: Fix runtime PM imbalance on errorDinghao Liu
2020-10-01perf kcore_copy: Fix module map when there are no modules loadedAdrian Hunter
2020-10-01vfio/pci: fix memory leaks of eventfd ctxQian Cai
2020-10-01printk: handle blank console arguments passed in.Shreyas Joshi
2020-10-01e1000: Do not perform reset in reset_task if we are already downAlexander Duyck
2020-10-01USB: EHCI: ehci-mv: fix less than zero comparison of an unsigned intColin Ian King
2020-10-01fuse: don't check refcount after stealing pageMiklos Szeredi
2020-10-01ALSA: hda: Fix potential race in unsol event handlerTakashi Iwai
2020-10-01tty: serial: samsung: Correct clock selection logicJonathan Bakker
2020-10-01USB: EHCI: ehci-mv: fix error handling in mv_ehci_probe()Tang Bin
2020-10-01Bluetooth: Handle Inquiry Cancel error after Inquiry CompleteSonny Sasaka
2020-10-01phy: samsung: s5pv210-usb2: Add delay after resetJonathan Bakker
2020-10-01atm: fix a memory leak of vcc->user_backCong Wang
2020-10-01dt-bindings: sound: wm8994: Correct required supplies based on actual impleme...Krzysztof Kozlowski
2020-10-01drivers: char: tlclk.c: Avoid data race between init and interrupt handlerMadhuparna Bhowmik
2020-10-01bdev: Reduce time holding bd_mutex in sync in blkdev_close()Douglas Anderson
2020-10-01KVM: Remove CREATE_IRQCHIP/SET_PIT2 raceSteve Rutherford
2020-10-01mm/mmap.c: initialize align_offset explicitly for vm_unmapped_areaJaewon Kim
2020-10-01mm/filemap.c: clear page error before actual readXianting Tian
2020-10-01ALSA: usb-audio: Fix case when USB MIDI interface has more than one extra end...Andreas Steinmetz
2020-10-01ubifs: Fix out-of-bounds memory access caused by abnormal value of node_lenLiu Song
2020-10-01SUNRPC: Fix a potential buffer overflow in 'svc_print_xprts()'Christophe JAILLET
2020-10-01serial: 8250_omap: Fix sleeping function called from invalid context during p...Peter Ujfalusi
2020-10-01tracing: Use address-of operator on section symbolsNathan Chancellor
2020-10-01tpm: ibmvtpm: Wait for buffer to be set before proceedingStefan Berger
2020-10-01media: tda10071: fix unsigned sign extension overflowColin Ian King
2020-10-01Bluetooth: L2CAP: handle l2cap config request during open stateHoward Chung
2020-10-01drm/amdgpu: increase atombios cmd timeoutJohn Clements
2020-10-01Bluetooth: guard against controllers sending zero'd eventsAlain Michaud