AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-02-23Linux Kroah-Hartman
2007-02-23fix umask when noACL kernel meets extN tuned for ACLsHugh Dickins
2007-02-23Fix for shmem_truncate_range() BUG_ON()Badari Pulavarty
2007-02-23make ppc64 current preempt-safeHugh Dickins
2007-02-23fix msync error on unmapped areaHugh Dickins
2007-02-23read_zero_pagealigned() locking fixHugh Dickins
2007-02-23Fix incorrect user space access locking in mincore() (CVE-2006-4814)Linus Torvalds
2007-02-23x86_64: fix 2.6.18 regression - PTRACE_OLDSETOPTIONS should be acceptedPaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2007-02-23V4L: buf_qbuf: fix videobuf_queue->stream corruption and lockupOleg Nesterov
2007-02-23V4L: tveeprom: autodetect LG TAPC G701D as tuner type 37Michael Krufky
2007-02-23V4L: fix ks0127 status flagsMartin Samuelsson
2007-02-23V4L: Fix quickcam communicator driver for big endian architecturesGrant Likely
2007-02-23v4l: cx88: Fix leadtek_eeprom taggingJean Delvare
2007-02-23v4l: cx2341x audio_properties is an u16, not u8Hans Verkuil
2007-02-23dvb-core: fix bug in CRC-32 checking on 64-bit systemsAng Way Chuang
2007-02-23IB/mad: Fix race between cancel and receive completionRoland Dreier
2007-02-23hfs_fill_super returns success even if no root inode (CVE-2006-6056)Eric Sandeen
2007-02-23grow_buffers() infinite loop fix (CVE-2006-5757, CVE-2006-6060)Andrew Morton
2007-02-23i2c: fix broken ds1337 initializationDirk Eibach
2007-02-23IB/srp: Fix FMR mapping for 32-bit kernels and addresses above 4GRoland Dreier
2007-02-23SCSI: add missing cdb clearing in scsi_execute()Tejun Heo
2007-02-23Don't leak NT bit into next taskAndi Kleen
2007-02-23bcm43xx: Fix for oops on ampdu statusMichael Buesch
2007-02-23bcm43xx: Fix for oops on resumeLarry Finger
2007-02-19Linux Kroah-Hartman
2007-02-19[PATCH] Fix a free-wrong-pointer bug in nfs/acl server (CVE-2007-0772)Greg Banks
2006-12-16Linux Wright
2006-12-16[PATCH] x86-64: Mark rdtsc as sync only for netburst, not for core2Arjan van de Ven
2006-12-16[PATCH] Bluetooth: Add packet size checks for CAPI messages (CVE-2006-6106)Marcel Holtmann
2006-12-16[PATCH] forcedeth: Disable INTx when enabling MSI in forcedethDaniel Barkalow
2006-12-16[PATCH] m32r: make userspace headers platform-independentHirokazu Takata
2006-12-16[PATCH] softirq: remove BUG_ONs which can incorrectly triggerZachary Amsden
2006-12-16[PATCH] skip data conversion in compat_sys_mount when data_page is NULLAndrey Mirkin
2006-12-16[PATCH] ARM: Add sys_*at syscallsRussell King
2006-12-16[PATCH] ieee1394: ohci1394: add PPC_PMAC platform code to driver probeStefan Richter
2006-12-16[PATCH] V4L: Fix broken TUNER_LG_NTSC_TAPE radio supportHans Verkuil
2006-12-16[PATCH] DVB: lgdt330x: fix signal / lock status detection bugMichael Krufky
2006-12-16[PATCH] bonding: incorrect bonding state reported via ioctlAndy Gospodarek
2006-12-16[PATCH] IrDA: Incorrect TTP header reservationJeet Chaudhuri
2006-12-16[PATCH] IPSEC: Fix inetpeer leak in ipv4 xfrm dst entries.David Miller
2006-12-16[PATCH] dm snapshot: fix freeing pending exceptionMilan Broz
2006-12-16[PATCH] XFRM: Use output device disable_xfrm for forwarded packetsDavid Miller
2006-12-16[PATCH] SUNHME: Fix for sunhme failures on x86Jurij Smakov
2006-12-16[PATCH] PKT_SCHED act_gact: division by zeroDavid Miller
2006-12-16[PATCH] NETFILTER: ip_tables: revision support for compat codePatrick McHardy
2006-12-16[PATCH] dm crypt: Fix data corruption with dm-crypt over RAID5Christophe Saout
2006-12-16[PATCH] NET_SCHED: policer: restore compatibility with old iproute binariesPatrick McHardy
2006-12-16[PATCH] EBTABLES: Prevent wraparounds in checks for entry components' sizes.Al Viro
2006-12-16[PATCH] EBTABLES: Deal with the worst-case behaviour in loop checks.Al Viro
2006-12-16[PATCH] EBTABLES: Verify that ebt_entries have zero ->distinguisher.Al Viro