AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-08-02Linux Kroah-Hartman
2010-08-02drm/i915: make sure we shut off the panel in eDP configsJesse Barnes
2010-08-02drm/i915: make sure eDP panel is turned onJesse Barnes
2010-08-02drm/i915: add PANEL_UNLOCK_REGS definitionJesse Barnes
2010-08-02ALSA: hda - Fix pin-detection of Nvidia HDMITakashi Iwai
2010-08-02ACPI: processor: fix processor_physically_present on UPAlex Chiang
2010-08-02ocfs2: make xattr extension work with new local alloc reservation.Tao Ma
2010-08-02Input: RX51 keymap - fix recent compile breakageDmitry Torokhov
2010-08-02ath5k: initialize ah->ah_current_channelBob Copeland
2010-08-02HID: usbhid: enable remote wakeup for keyboardsAlan Stern
2010-08-02MIPS: MTX-1: Fix PCI on the MeshCube and related boardsBruno Randolf
2010-08-02pcmcia: do not initialize the present flag too late.Dominik Brodowski
2010-08-02ecryptfs: Bugfix for error related to ecryptfs_hash_bucketsAndre Osterhues
2010-08-02Fix spinaphore down_spin()Tony Luck
2010-08-02ACPI / ACPICA: Fix sysfs GPE interfaceRafael J. Wysocki
2010-08-02ACPI / ACPICA: Fix GPE initializationRafael J. Wysocki
2010-08-02ACPI / ACPICA: Avoid writing full enable masks to GPE registersRafael J. Wysocki
2010-08-02ACPI / ACPICA: Fix low-level GPE manipulation codeRafael J. Wysocki
2010-08-02ACPI / ACPICA: Use helper function for computing GPE masksRafael J. Wysocki
2010-08-02kbuild: Fix modpost segfaultKrzysztof Halasa
2010-08-02iwl3945: enable stuck queue detection on 3945Reinette Chatre
2010-08-02iwlwifi: Recover TX flow stall due to stuck queueWey-Yi Guy
2010-08-02iwlagn: verify flow id in compressed BA packetShanyu Zhao
2010-08-02block: Don't count_vm_events for discard bio in submit_bio.Tao Ma
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: uvcvideo: Add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y16Laurent Pinchart
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: uvcvideo: Add support for Packard Bell EasyNote MX52 integrated webcamLaurent Pinchart
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: uvcvideo: Add support for unbranded Arkmicro 18ec:3290 webcamsLaurent Pinchart
2010-08-02xfs: prevent swapext from operating on write-only filesDan Rosenberg
2010-08-02bnx2: Fix hang during rmmod bnx2.Michael Chan
2010-08-02mac80211: fix supported rates IE if AP doesn't give us it's ratesStanislaw Gruszka
2010-08-023c503: Fix IRQ probingBen Hutchings
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: budget: Select correct frontendsBen Hutchings
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: FusionHDTV: Use quick reads for I2C IR device probingJean Delvare
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: dvb-core: Fix ULE decapsulation bugAng Way Chuang
2010-08-02revert "[CPUFREQ] remove rwsem lock from CPUFREQ_GOV_STOP call (second call s...Andrej Gelenberg
2010-08-02firmware_class: fix memory leak - free allocated pagesDavid Woodhouse
2010-08-02mfd: Remove unneeded and dangerous clearing of clientdataWolfram Sang
2010-08-02dm9000: fix "BUG: spinlock recursion"Baruch Siach
2010-08-02libertas/sdio: 8686: set ECSI bit for 1-bit transfersDaniel Mack
2010-08-02ACPI: Unconditionally set SCI_EN on resumeMatthew Garrett
2010-08-02ACPI / PM: Do not enable GPEs for system wakeup in advanceRafael J. Wysocki
2010-08-02ACPI: skip checking BM_STS if the BIOS doesn't ask for itLen Brown
2010-08-02isdn/gigaset: correct CAPI connection state storageTilman Schmidt
2010-08-02isdn/gigaset: encode HLC and BC togetherTilman Schmidt
2010-08-02isdn/gigaset: correct CAPI DATA_B3 Delivery ConfirmationTilman Schmidt
2010-08-02isdn/gigaset: correct CAPI voice connection encodingTilman Schmidt
2010-08-02isdn/gigaset: honor CAPI application's buffer size requestTilman Schmidt
2010-08-02isdn/gigaset: remove dummy CAPI method implementationsTilman Schmidt
2010-08-02isdn/capi: make reset_ctr op truly optionalTilman Schmidt
2010-08-02PCI/PM: Do not use native PCIe PME by defaultRafael J. Wysocki