AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-03-23Linux Kroah-Hartman
2011-03-23hwmon: (sht15) Fix integer overflow in humidity calculationVivien Didelot
2011-03-23x86, binutils, xen: Fix another wrong size directiveAlexander van Heukelum
2011-03-23mmc: sdio: remember new card RCA when redetecting cardStefan Nilsson XK
2011-03-23mmc: sdhci: Add Ricoh e823 PCI IDManoj Iyer
2011-03-23i2c: Fix typo in instantiating-devices documentRoman Fietze
2011-03-23fix per-cpu flag problem in the cpu affinity checkersThomas Gleixner
2011-03-23ixgbe: work around for DDP last buffer sizeAmir Hanania
2011-03-23ixgbe: limit VF access to network trafficAlexander Duyck
2011-03-23x86: Flush TLB if PGD entry is changed in i386 PAE modeShaohua Li
2011-03-23smp_call_function_many: handle concurrent clearing of maskMilton Miller
2011-03-23call_function_many: add missing orderingMilton Miller
2011-03-23call_function_many: fix list delete vs add raceMilton Miller
2011-03-23ext3: Always set dx_node's fake_dirent explicitly.Eric Sandeen
2011-03-23perf tools: Version incorrect with some versions of grepJosh Hunt
2011-03-23perf, powerpc: Handle events that raise an exception without overflowingAnton Blanchard
2011-03-23perf: Handle stopped state with tracepointsFrederic Weisbecker
2011-03-23perf: Fix the software events state checkFrederic Weisbecker
2011-03-23RPC: killing RPC tasks races fixedStanislav Kinsbursky
2011-03-23SUNRPC: Ensure we always run the tk_callback before tk_actionTrond Myklebust
2011-03-23scsi_dh_alua: fix deadlock in stpg_endioJoseph Gruher
2011-03-23ALSA: ctxfi - Clear input settings before initializationPrzemyslaw Bruski
2011-03-23ALSA: ctxfi - Fix SPDIF status retrievalPrzemyslaw Bruski
2011-03-23ALSA: ctxfi - Fix incorrect SPDIF status bit maskPrzemyslaw Bruski
2011-03-23ALSA: aloop - Fix possible IRQ lock inversionTakashi Iwai
2011-03-23ALSA: sound/pci/asihpi: check adapter index in hpi_ioctlDan Rosenberg
2011-03-23PCI: sysfs: Fix failure path for addition of "vpd" attributeBen Hutchings
2011-03-23PCI: do not create quirk I/O regions below PCIBIOS_MIN_IO for ICHJiri Slaby
2011-03-23PCI: add more checking to ICH region quirksJiri Slaby
2011-03-23PCI: remove quirk for pre-production systemsBrandeburg, Jesse
2011-03-23HID: add support for Ortek PKB-1700Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski
2011-03-23HID: hid-magicmouse: Correct touch orientation directionHenrik Rydberg
2011-03-23ALSA: hda - Initialize special cases for input src in init phaseTakashi Iwai
2011-03-23ALSA: hda - fix digital mic selection in mixer on 92HD8X codecsVitaliy Kulikov
2011-03-23ALSA: HDA: Realtek ALC88x: Do not over-initialize speakers and hp that are pr...David Henningsson
2011-03-23NFS: Fix a decoding problem in nfs3_decode_direntTrond Myklebust
2011-03-23USB: Add support for SuperSpeed isoc endpointsPaul Zimmerman
2011-03-23xhci: Fix cycle bit calculation during stall handling.Sarah Sharp
2011-03-23xhci: Update internal dequeue pointers after stalls.Sarah Sharp
2011-03-23USB: move usbcore away from hcd->stateAlan Stern
2011-03-23ehci: Check individual port status registers on resumeMatthew Garrett
2011-03-23USB: isp1760: Implement solution for erratum 2Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2011-03-23staging: tidspbridge: protect dmm_map properlyFelipe Contreras
2011-03-23staging: winbond: needs <linux/delay.h> for msleep and friendsJeff Mahoney
2011-03-23USB: serial: ch341: add new idwangyanqing
2011-03-23USB: serial: option: Apply OPTION_BLACKLIST_SENDSETUP also for ZTE MF626Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski
2011-03-23USB: serial/kobil_sct, fix potential tty NULL dereferenceJiri Slaby
2011-03-23USB: serial drivers need to use larger bulk-in buffersAlan Stern
2011-03-23ath9k: remove support for the FIF_PROMISC_IN_BSS filter flagFelix Fietkau
2011-03-23ath9k_hw: Fix incorrect macversion and macrev checksSenthil Balasubramanian