AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-10Linux 4.1.2v4.1.2Greg Kroah-Hartman
2015-07-10fs/ufs: restore s_lock mutex_init()Fabian Frederick
2015-07-10ufs: Fix possible deadlock when looking up directoriesJan Kara
2015-07-10ufs: Fix warning from unlock_new_inode()Jan Kara
2015-07-10vfs: Ignore unlocked mounts in fs_fully_visibleEric W. Biederman
2015-07-10vfs: Remove incorrect debugging WARN in prepend_pathEric W. Biederman
2015-07-10fs/ufs: restore s_lock mutexFabian Frederick
2015-07-10fs/ufs: revert "ufs: fix deadlocks introduced by sb mutex merge"Fabian Frederick
2015-07-10fs: Fix S_NOSEC handlingJan Kara
2015-07-10KVM: x86: make vapics_in_nmi_mode atomicRadim Krčmář
2015-07-10KVM: x86: properly restore LVT0Radim Krčmář
2015-07-10KVM: arm/arm64: vgic: Avoid injecting reserved IRQ numbersMarc Zyngier
2015-07-10KVM: s390: virtio-ccw: don't overwrite config space valuesCornelia Huck
2015-07-10s390/kdump: fix REGSET_VX_LOW vector register ELF notesMichael Holzheu
2015-07-10s390/bpf: Fix backward jumpsMichael Holzheu
2015-07-10KVM: s390: clear floating interrupt bitmap and parametersJens Freimann
2015-07-10KVM: s390: fix external call injection without sigp interpretationDavid Hildenbrand
2015-07-10MIPS: Fix KVM guest fixmap addressJames Hogan
2015-07-10KVM: mips: use id_to_memslot correctlyPaolo Bonzini
2015-07-10x86/PCI: Use host bridge _CRS info on Foxconn K8M890-8237ABjorn Helgaas
2015-07-10x86/PCI: Use host bridge _CRS info on systems with >32 bit addressingBjorn Helgaas
2015-07-10powerpc/perf: Fix book3s kernel to userspace backtracesAnton Blanchard
2015-07-10tick/idle/powerpc: Do not register idle states with CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIMER_STOP s...preeti
2015-07-10ARM: mvebu: fix suspend to RAM on big-endian configurationsThomas Petazzoni
2015-07-10ARM: tegra20: Store CPU "resettable" status in IRAMDmitry Osipenko
2015-07-10ARM: kvm: psci: fix handling of unimplemented functionsLorenzo Pieralisi
2015-07-10arm: KVM: force execution of HCPTR access on VM exitMarc Zyngier
2015-07-10selinux: fix setting of security labels on NFSJ. Bruce Fields
2015-07-10intel_pstate: set BYT MSR with wrmsrl_on_cpu()Joe Konno
2015-07-10mmc: sdhci: fix low memory corruptionJiri Slaby
2015-07-10iommu/amd: Handle large pages correctly in free_pagetableJoerg Roedel
2015-07-10iommu/arm-smmu: Fix broken ATOS checkWill Deacon
2015-07-10Revert "crypto: talitos - convert to use be16_add_cpu()"Horia Geant?
2015-07-10crypto: talitos - avoid memleak in talitos_alg_alloc()Horia Geant?
2015-07-10usb: gadget: f_fs: add extra check before unregister_gadget_itemRui Miguel Silva
2015-07-10net: mvneta: disable IP checksum with jumbo frames for Armada 370Simon Guinot
2015-07-10ARM: mvebu: update Ethernet compatible string for Armada XPSimon Guinot
2015-07-10net: mvneta: introduce compatible string "marvell, armada-xp-neta"Simon Guinot
2015-07-10amd-xgbe: Add the __GFP_NOWARN flag to Rx buffer allocationTom Lendacky
2015-07-10sctp: Fix race between OOTB responce and route removalAlexander Sverdlin
2015-07-10bnx2x: fix lockdep splatEric Dumazet
2015-07-10net: phy: fix phy link up when limiting speed via device treeMugunthan V N
2015-07-10mlx4: Disable HA for SRIOV PF RoCE devicesOr Gerlitz
2015-07-10net/mlx4_en: Fix wrong csum complete report when rxvlan offload is disabledIdo Shamay
2015-07-10net/mlx4_en: Wake TX queues only when there's enough roomIdo Shamay
2015-07-10net/mlx4_en: Release TX QP when destroying TX ringEran Ben Elisha
2015-07-10ip: report the original address of ICMP messagesJulian Anastasov
2015-07-10xen-netback: fix a BUG() during initializationPalik, Imre
2015-07-10tcp: Do not call tcp_fastopen_reset_cipher from interrupt contextChristoph Paasch
2015-07-10mvneta: add forgotten initialization of autonegotiation bitsStas Sergeev