path: root/arch/arm/mach-tegra/board-colibri_t20.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-29colibri_t20/colibri_t30: use new platform data for fusion touchscreenStefan Agner
2013-12-02colibri_t20/colibri_t30: don't register KEY_BACK for wakeupStefan Agner
2013-06-12colibri_t20: v4l2: adv7180 integrationPeter Gielda
2013-06-12colibri_t20: support for tegra_v4l2_camera as modulePiotr Zierhoffer
2013-06-05colibri_t20/30: add comment about GMI_ADV_N usageMarcel Ziswiler
2013-04-02colibri_t20: android: enable back key wakeMarcel Ziswiler
2013-03-24colibri_t20: fix menu-keyMarcel Ziswiler
2013-03-13board-colibri-t20: do not set PWM<A>, PWM<D> as GPIO inputMax Krummenacher
2013-03-12colibri_t20/30: usb: otg: fix host to peripheral transitionMarcel Ziswiler
2013-03-12colibri_t20/30: can: integrate mcp251x and sja1000 supportMarcel Ziswiler
2013-03-03colibri_t20/30: v4l2: max9526 integrationMarcel Ziswiler
2013-03-02colibri_t20/30: move gpio definesMarcel Ziswiler
2013-03-02colibri_t20/30: rename uartsMarcel Ziswiler
2013-03-02colibri_t20/30: rename pwm ledsMarcel Ziswiler
2013-03-02apalis/colibri_t20/30: migrate gpio to irq conversionMarcel Ziswiler
2013-02-13colibri_t20/30: integrate Fusion 7 and 10 multi-touchMarcel Ziswiler
2013-01-11colibri_t20: w1: re-add missing includeMarcel Ziswiler
2013-01-11colibri_t20: clean-up camera definesMarcel Ziswiler
2013-01-11colibri_t20: fix I2C SCL/SDA definesMarcel Ziswiler
2013-01-11colibri_t20: clean-up board file.Marcel Ziswiler
2013-01-09colibri_t20: adjust thermal throttlingMarcel Ziswiler
2013-01-07colibri_t20: integrate thermal throttlingMarcel Ziswiler
2013-01-07colibri_t20: hwmon: integrate ROS pin handlingMarcel Ziswiler
2013-01-07colibri_t20: clean-up I2C platform dataMarcel Ziswiler
2013-01-03colibri_t20: fix high speed UARTsMarcel Ziswiler
2012-12-17colibri_t20: fix power key on EvalBoard v3.1aMarcel Ziswiler
2012-12-17colibri_t20: gpio-keys: enable pull-upsMarcel Ziswiler
2012-12-17colibri_t20: pin-mux: re-work function tri-statingMarcel Ziswiler
2012-12-17colibri_t20: camera: rename CAMERA_INTERFACE defineMarcel Ziswiler
2012-12-17colibri_t20: I2C: remove optional CAM/GEN3_I2CMarcel Ziswiler
2012-12-17colibri_t20: GPIO: re-work GPIO usageMarcel Ziswiler
2012-12-12colibri_t20: implement DAC power save for Iris carrier boardMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-14colibri_t20: add device tree supportMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-14colibri_t20: do not power off USB phy in suspendMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-14colibri_t20: fix keyboard GPIO resp. GPIO K6Marcel Ziswiler
2012-11-12colibri_t20: GPIO keys implementation for AndroidMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-12colibri_t20: unify Ethernet initialisationMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-02colibri_t20: android: hack to allow using ventana initrdMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-02colibri_t20: android: avoid registering any V4L2 sensor driversMarcel Ziswiler
2012-10-26colibri_t20: w1: added platform dataMax Krummenacher
2012-10-24colibri_t20: fix Android RAM consoleMarcel Ziswiler
2012-10-18colibri_t20: add K9K8G08U0B NAND parametersT20_LinuxImageV2.0Alpha2_20121019Marcel Ziswiler
2012-10-18colibri_t20: integrate PWM LED functionalityMarcel Ziswiler
2012-10-18colibri_t20: analog input ugly hackMarcel Ziswiler
2012-10-18colibri_t20: clean-up ADC platform dataMarcel Ziswiler
2012-10-03tegra: colibri_t20: clock clean-upMarcel Ziswiler
2012-10-01tegra: colibri_t20: fix pwm backlightMarcel Ziswiler
2012-09-10tegra: colibri_t20: incorporate l4t-r16 changesMarcel Ziswiler
2012-09-10tegra: colibri_t20: USB clean-upMarcel Ziswiler
2012-09-02tegra: colibri_t20: fix i2c usageMarcel Ziswiler