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2014-01-29colibri_t20/colibri_t30: use new platform data for fusion touchscreenStefan Agner
Fusion touchscreen driver now uses platform data to do GPIO initialization by itself. Make use of this by providing GPIO numbers instead of doing initialization in the board initialization.
2014-01-22colibri_t20/colibri_t30/apalis_t30: remove TEGRA_FB_VGA definesStefan Agner
Remove TEGRA_FB_VGA defines and use VGA as default. Since initial mode is now configureable through kernel cmd line parameter, we don't need those compile time helpers.
2013-07-31colibri_t20: also define COLIBRI_T20_VI when VIDEO_TEGRA is a kernel modulePeter Gielda
2013-03-24colibri_t20: android: revert to default VGA TFTLCD resolutionMarcel Ziswiler
As customers might want to evaluate using a regular VGA screen or our 5.7 inch EDT ET057090DHU panel revert to default VGA TFTLCD resolution. This is a partial revert of the following commit: 106ac0436290a98ecc5e3dfc75d0d7f104ef0ff4
2013-03-12colibri_t20/30: can: integrate mcp251x and sja1000 supportMarcel Ziswiler
Integrate CAN support for the Colibri Evaluation Board V3.1a with built-in MCP2515 SPI CAN controller resp. the Colibri Evaluation Board V2.1c with its built-in SJA1000 CAN controller connected to the GMI bus. The following kernel configuration needs to be enabled as well: CONFIG_CAN CONFIG_CAN_RAW CONFIG_CAN_BCM CONFIG_CAN_DEV Plus depending on the Evaluation Board revision: CONFIG_CAN_MCP251X or CONFIG_CAN_SJA1000 CONFIG_CAN_SJA1000_PLATFORM Optional support for 32-bit GMI as well as xPOD CAN on MECS Tellurium for Colibri T20 is provided via commented defines in arch/arm/mach-tegra/board-colibri_t20.h.
2013-03-03colibri_t20/30: v4l2: max9526 integrationMarcel Ziswiler
Integrate MAX9526 video decoder support as found on our analogous camera module (ACM) connected to a Colibri Evaluation carrier board. The following kernel configuration options are required to be enabled: CONFIG_VIDEO_V4L2=y CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA=y CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA_MAX9526=y CONFIG_VIDEO_TEGRA=y
2013-03-02colibri_t20/30: move gpio definesMarcel Ziswiler
Move GPIO defines to header file. While at it get rid of spurious AVDD_DSI_CSI_ENB_GPIO define.
2013-01-11colibri_t20: clean-up camera definesMarcel Ziswiler
Now simply enabling CONFIG_TEGRA_CAMERA resp. not explicitly disabling it will make L4T's nv_omx_vip Gstreamer plug-in work with analogue video decoders like the ADV7180 or MAX9526.
2012-12-17colibri_t20: camera: rename CAMERA_INTERFACE defineMarcel Ziswiler
Rename CAMERA_INTERFACE to COLIBRI_T20_VI which stands for video input to be more in-line with Colibri T30.
2012-12-12colibri_t20: implement DAC power save for Iris carrier boardMarcel Ziswiler
The Iris carrier board by default uses SODIMM pin 73 as DAC power save. Note: This conflicts with the CAN interrupt on the new EvalBoard v3.1a.
2012-11-02colibri_t20: android: enable camera and none VGA TFTLCD resolutionMarcel Ziswiler
Activate parallel camera interface aka video input port (VIP) which conflicts with the default Colibri pinmux configuration. Actually enable none VGA TFTLCD resolution to activate previously commited 720p Android resolution.
2012-09-10tegra: colibri_t20: incorporate l4t-r16 changesMarcel Ziswiler
Incorporate L4T R16 changes from NVIDIA Ventana. Note: USB OTG port not functional as of yet.
2012-06-22tegra: colibri_t20: emc mem freq scalingMarcel Ziswiler
Integrate EMC memory frequency scaling. Note: currently only seems to work on latest production V1.2x modules.
2012-06-22tegra: colibri_t20: disable cameraMarcel Ziswiler
Disable camera support by commenting CAMERA_INTERFACE define.
2012-06-22tegra: colibri_t20: clean-up obsolete 12/13 MHz osc definesMarcel Ziswiler
Clean-up obsolete 12/13 MHz oscillator selection.
2012-06-08Initial Toradex Colibri T20 L4T R15 support.Marcel Ziswiler