path: root/arch/arm/mach-tegra/common.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-31arm: tegra: soc: Use sys_soc to expose SoC UIDBhuvanchandra DV
2013-03-03Conflicts:Marcel Ziswiler
2012-12-17arm: tegra: display: handle fbmem2 cmdline parameterJong Kim
2012-12-17arm: tegra: display: provide framebuffer clear functionJong Kim
2012-11-12Merge branch 'l4t/l4t-r16-r2' into colibriMarcel Ziswiler
2012-10-03tegra: colibri_t20: clock clean-upMarcel Ziswiler
2012-09-10Merge branch 'l4t/l4t-r16' into colibriMarcel Ziswiler
2012-09-06arm: tegra: secureos: disable L2 as part of sleep CPU SMCChris Johnson
2012-08-23ARM: Tegra: Omit L2 flush at disableAntti P Miettinen
2012-08-06arm: tegra: optimize L2 enable/disable paths for secureosHyung Taek Ryoo
2012-08-03arm: tegra: read board info from device treeNitin Kumbhar
2012-07-23ARM: tegra: clock: Set SCLK floor for CPU mode switchAlex Frid
2012-07-20tegra: carveout and framebuffer memory sizingMarcel Ziswiler
2012-06-19arm: tegra: Fix cpu governor change issuePuneet Saxena
2012-06-08Initial Toradex Colibri T20 L4T R15 support.Marcel Ziswiler
2012-05-30arm: tegra: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-05-21arm: tegra: governor: change governor using cpufreq interfacePuneet Saxena
2012-05-07arm: tegra: pl310: Enable dynamic clock gating and standy.Krishna Reddy
2012-04-30arch: arm: tegra: Add support for marvell 8797Nitin Bindal
2012-04-26ARM: tegra: clock: Move SCLK shared users initializationAlex Frid
2012-04-19arm: tegra: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-04-12ARM: tegra: common: Remove T30 A01 SMMU workaroundJuha Tukkinen
2012-04-12ARM: tegra: clock: Update common clock tableAlex Frid
2012-04-03arm: tegra3: change min_rate for sclkAmit Kamath
2012-04-03ARM: tegra: clock: Fix emulation clock tableAlex Frid
2012-03-26ARM: tegra: dvfs: Add chip sku overrideRay Poudrier
2012-03-20ARM: tegra: Add support to identify if image RCKAshwini Ghuge
2012-03-19arm: tegra: enable pll_p clocks by defaultPeter Zu
2012-03-15ARM: tegra: common: Set SCLK to 40MHz for spiLaxman Dewangan
2012-03-15ARM: tegra: use common console flush on rebootTom Cherry
2012-03-06ARM: tegra: Add forced-recovery support for bootloader.Gaurav Sarode
2012-03-01ARM: tegra: Add support for passing arguments to bootloader.Gaurav Sarode
2012-02-23ARM: tegra: clock src initialisation for debug port in common placeLaxman Dewangan
2012-02-17Revert "arm: tegra3: change min_rate for sclk"Chandrakanth Gorantla
2012-02-13ARM: tegra: Clean up CACHE_L2X0 conditionals and includesScott Williams
2012-02-09arm: tegra: Reduce coresite clock frequencyScottPeterson
2012-02-03arm: tegra: fix warning in governor parameter set functionDiwakar Tundlam
2012-02-03ARM: tegra: dvfs: Add Tegra3 x7 CPU dvfs entriesAlex Frid
2012-01-31arm: tegra3: change min_rate for sclkWen Yi
2012-01-30ARM: tegra: clock: Add support for Tegra3 MSelect clockAlex Frid
2012-01-30arm: tegra: Clock audio from clk_mScottPeterson
2012-01-30arm: tegra: modify governor parameter set functionWen Yi
2012-01-30arm: tegra: Disable pll_p_out clocks by defaultPrashant Gaikwad
2012-01-30ARM: tegra: clock: Auto-detect PLLP rate in clock initAlex Frid
2012-01-12arm: tegra: move ram console to common codesHaley Teng
2012-01-12arm: tegra: smmu: Move tegra_smmu.h under "include/mach"Hiroshi DOYU
2012-01-06arm: tegra: Disable pll_p_out clocks by defaultScottPeterson
2011-12-30arm: tegra: Switch governor for both CPUsPrashant Gaikwad
2011-12-23arm: tegra: set cpu0 governor for early suspendSang-Hun Lee
2011-12-22ARM: tegra: correctly access file in kernelVictor(Weiguo) Pan