path: root/arch/arm/mach-tegra/tegra3_clocks.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-21tegra3_clocks.c: fix unusual comparisionMax Krummenacher
2015-01-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/nvidia/l4t/l4t-r16-r2' into tegra-nextMarcel Ziswiler
2014-06-04media: video: fix clock settings for Tegra VI driverBryan Wu
2013-01-24tegra: apalis_t30: initial Toradex Apalis T30 L4T supportMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-12Merge branch 'l4t/l4t-r16-r2' into colibriMarcel Ziswiler
2012-10-03tegra: colibri_t30: hack to avoid clock warningsMarcel Ziswiler
2012-08-29i2c: tegra: rename fast clock and div clockLaxman Dewangan
2012-08-16ARM: tegra: clocks: Frequency stats for SCLK/CBUSSrikanth Nori
2012-08-03ARM: tegra3: clock: Put graphic clks to safe rangeJong Kim
2012-07-30ARM: tegra3: clock: Put graphic clks to safe rangeJong Kim
2012-07-25ARM: tegra: clock: Add Tegra3 cbus profile capAlex Frid
2012-07-23ARM: tegra: clock: Set SCLK floor for CPU mode switchAlex Frid
2012-07-23ARM: Tegra3: clocks: Configurable cbus dividerMohit Kataria
2012-07-23ARM: tegra: clock: Reduce Tegra3 pll post-lock delayAlex Frid
2012-07-20ARM: tegra: clock: relax memory efficiency if 3d clock is offPeter Zu
2012-07-17ARM: Tegra3: clocks: optional se.cbusMohit Kataria
2012-07-16ARM: tegra: clock: Add missed Tegra3 PERIPH_ON_APB attributesAlex Frid
2012-07-16ARM: tegra: dvfs: Update Tegra3 sdmmc dvfs tablesAlex Frid
2012-07-13ARM: tegra: clock: Dynamically re-lock memory pllAlex Frid
2012-07-13ARM: tegra: clock: Allow Tegra3 PLLM rate changeAlex Frid
2012-07-13ARM: tegra: clock: Record shared bus backup rateAlex Frid
2012-07-13ARM: tegra: clock: Adjust Tegra3 cpu to emc ratioAlex Frid
2012-07-06ARM: tegra3: clock: Add EPP clock for ISP channelSonghee Baek
2012-07-06ARM: tegra: clock: Add CEC clockAnkit Pashiney
2012-06-14ARM: tegra: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-05-25Arm: Tegra3: clocks: Disabled SSCCENTER bit for plleMohit Kataria
2012-05-25Revert "Revert "arm: tegra3: change min_rate for clocks""Hunk Lin
2012-05-21ARM: tegra: clock: Account for memory BW efficiencyAlex Frid
2012-05-21ARM: tegra: clock: Share Tegra3 camera EMC bandwidthAlex Frid
2012-05-14arm: tegra: clock: Add tegra3 sdmmc4 EMC shared userPavan Kunapuli
2012-05-06arm: tegra: update the udc driver nameRakesh Bodla
2012-05-03ARM: tegra: clock: Add DSI implicit dependency on PLLPAlex Frid
2012-05-02Revert "arm: tegra3: change min_rate for clocks"Amit Kamath
2012-04-19arm: tegra3: change min_rate for clocksAmit Kamath
2012-04-19ARM: tegra: remove T30 FPGA supportJuha Tukkinen
2012-04-17ARM: tegra: clock: Apply shared bus ceiling alwaysAlex Frid
2012-04-03arm: tegra3: change min_rate for sclkAmit Kamath
2012-03-26arm : tegra: clocks: Add PERIPH_ON_APB flag for apbif clockSumit Bhattacharya
2012-03-20ARM: tegra: clock: Update parameterized cluster switchAlex Frid
2012-03-19ARM: tegra3: dvfs: Changed max values of clocksMohit Kataria
2012-03-15ARM: tegra: clock: Entry for spi-sclk clock controlLaxman Dewangan
2012-03-14ARM: tegra: clock: Update Tegra3 CPU suspend rateAlex Frid
2012-03-06ARM: tegra: clock: Put Cardhu clocks to known stateJong Kim
2012-02-28arm: tegra: enterprise: add 12.75mhz memory freqWen Yi
2012-02-23ARM: tegra: clock: Update secondary pll dividers resumeAlex Frid
2012-02-21ARM: tegra: clock: Support for clock source control without enable bitLaxman Dewangan
2012-02-21ARM: tegra: clock: Add i2c fast clock entryLaxman Dewangan
2012-02-17Revert "arm: tegra3: change min_rate for sclk"Chandrakanth Gorantla
2012-02-15ARM: tegra: clocks: Consolidate input frequency measurementsScott Williams
2012-02-14Revert "ARM: tegra: clock: Add i2c fast clock entry in shared clock"Simone Willett