path: root/arch/arm64/configs/defconfig
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-26MLK-20964-1: arm64: defconfig: Remove explicit RC_CORE=yLeonard Crestez
2019-02-21MLK-20940-4 ARM64: defconfig: Add RPBUS and RPMSG configClark Wang
2019-02-20MLK-20946-3: arm64: defconfig: add IR support for imx8Joakim Zhang
2019-02-12MLK-20685-01 arm64: defconfig: add pcie hif support for brcmfmacAndy Duan
2019-02-12MLK-20441-3 arm64: defconfig: Add spi slave mode for imx8Clark Wang
2019-02-12MLK-19919: defconfig: Make arm64 defconfig cleanDaniel Baluta
2019-02-12MLK-18789-3: arm64: defconfig: Add Seiko panel to defconfigRobert Chiras
2019-02-12MLK-18497-12: ASoC: fsl: imx-dsp: Add DSP machine driverDaniel Baluta
2019-02-12MLK-19728-3 arm64: defconfig: select I2C backend driverPeng Fan
2019-02-12MLK-19805: Make arm64 savedefconfig cleanLeonard Crestez
2019-02-12MLK-19648 arm64: defconfig: remove CONFIG_HIBERNATION by defaultAnson Huang
2019-02-12MLK-16951 security: Add tcrypt to be built out as module and other modulesAymen Sghaier
2019-02-12MLK-19464 ARM64: defconfig: build in IPv6Andy Duan
2019-02-12MLK-19166-3 can: flexcan: enable flexcan defconfigJoakim Zhang
2019-02-12MLK-19042-5: ARM64: defconfig: enable i2s over rpmsgShengjiu Wang
2019-02-12Revert "MLK-15052-6: ARM64: config: Disable the setting CONFIG_MTD_SPI_NOR_US...Han Xu
2019-02-12MLK-19020: [MX8MQ-EVK/MX8QXP]tcrypt: missing tcrypt.koSilvano di Ninno
2019-02-12MLK-15052-6: ARM64: config: Disable the setting CONFIG_MTD_SPI_NOR_USE_4K_SEC...Han Xu
2019-02-12MLK-15052-5: ARM64: defconfig: add flexspi in default configHan Xu
2019-02-12MLK-19003-1 ARM64: defconfig: Enable ivshmem netPeng Fan
2019-02-12MLK-18082: boot: dtsi: Align DTSIFranck LENORMAND
2019-02-12MLK-18891 arm64: defconfig: select CONFIG_GPIO_SYSFS by defaultAnson Huang
2019-02-12MLK-18816-3: arm64: defconfig: add synaptics touchscreen enableHaibo Chen
2019-02-12MLK-18428-04 ARM64: config: enable imx8mm thermal driver by default.Bai Ping
2019-02-12MLK-18792-4 ARM64: defconfig: enable UIOPeng Fan
2019-02-12MLK-18535-9 ARM64: defconfig: enable 'IMX_SEC_DSIM' configFancy Fang
2019-02-12MLK-18535-4 ARM64: defconfig: enable 'IMX_LCDIF_CORE' configFancy Fang
2019-02-12MLK-18489: arm64: config: Keep defconfig cleanDaniel Baluta
2019-02-12MA-11995-2 Enable CMA_HEAP and SYSTEM_HEAP for ION on linux-4.14.ivan.liu
2019-02-12MLK-16784-6 arm64: config: add micfil in defconfigCosmin-Gabriel Samoila
2019-02-12MLK-18379: arm64: defconfig: select CONFIG_PWM_FSL_FTMShenwei Wang
2019-02-12MLK-18339: arm64: defconfig: Select CONFIG_SPI_IMX by defaultFabio Estevam
2019-02-12MLK-18323-4: ARM64: defconfig: enable imx8qxp adcHaibo Chen
2019-02-12MLK-18293-03 ARM64: defconfig: enable wireless configs for Qca9377-3 qcacld-2.0Andy Duan
2019-02-12MLK-18276-02 ARM64: defconfig: add regulatory rules database configAndy Duan
2019-02-12MLK-18205-12 ARM64: defconfig: enable i.MX8MM by defaultAnson Huang
2019-02-12MLK-18205-10 ARM64: defconfig: select BD71837 PMIC by defaultRobin Gong
2019-02-12MLK-17747: dsp: use the name of dsp instead of hifiWeiguang Kong
2019-02-12MLK-18010 ARM64: defconfig: build XEN_NETDEV_BACKEND as modulePeng Fan
2019-02-12MLK-17878 ARM64: defconfig: built-in xen block back driverPeng Fan
2019-02-12MLK-17692-2: defconfig: Remove FB_MX8_HDMISandor Yu
2019-02-12MLK-17685-2: Enable CCI400 PMU in defconfigFrank Li
2019-02-12MLK-17380-6 ARM64: defconfig: enable configurations for USB certificationPeter Chen
2019-02-12MLK-17570: Add i.MX8QP supportTeo Hall
2019-02-12MLK-17555 ARM64: defconfig: add usb video supportLi Jun
2019-02-12MLK-17475-07 ARM64: defconfig: enable TJA1100 PHY configFugang Duan
2019-02-12MLK-17412-02: Add support of secvio driver for imx8mqFranck LENORMAND
2019-02-12MLK-17400-03 arm64: defconfig: add max732x enableFugang Duan
2019-02-12MLK-15070-4: ARM64: defconfig: build in sound card for audio board of mscaleShengjiu Wang
2019-02-12MLK-17319-3 defconfig: enable EMVSIM in defconfigGao Pan