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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-12powerpc: Fix unpaired probe_hcall_entry and probe_hcall_exitLi Zhong
2012-01-12powerpc/time: Handle wrapping of decrementerAnton Blanchard
2011-11-21powerpc: Copy down exception vectors after feature fixupsAnton Blanchard
2011-11-21powerpc: Add hvcall.h include to book3s_hv.cMichael Neuling
2011-11-21powerpc/ps3: Fix lost SMP IPIsGeoff Levand
2011-11-11powerpc: Fix deadlock in icswx codeAnton Blanchard
2011-11-11powerpc/eeh: Fix /proc/ppc64/eeh creationThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo
2011-11-11powerpc/pseries: Avoid spurious error during hotplug CPU addAnton Blanchard
2011-11-11powerpc: Fix oops when echoing bad values to /sys/devices/system/memory/probeAnton Blanchard
2011-11-11powerpc/numa: Remove double of_node_put in hot_add_node_scn_to_nidAnton Blanchard
2011-11-11thp: share get_huge_page_tail()Andrea Arcangeli
2011-11-11powerpc: gup_huge_pmd() return 0 if pte changesAndrea Arcangeli
2011-11-11powerpc: gup_hugepte() support THP based tail recountingAndrea Arcangeli
2011-11-11powerpc: gup_hugepte() avoid freeing the head page too many timesAndrea Arcangeli
2011-11-11powerpc: get_hugepte() don't put_page() the wrong pageAndrea Arcangeli
2011-11-11powerpc: remove superfluous PageTail checks on the pte gup_fastAndrea Arcangeli
2011-11-11mm: thp: tail page refcounting fixAndrea Arcangeli
2011-09-29powerpc: Fix device-tree matching for Apple U4 bridgeBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2011-08-31Merge branch 'merge' of git:// Torvalds
2011-08-30powerpc/p1023rds: Fix the error of bank-width of nor flashChunhe Lan
2011-08-30powerpc/85xx: enable caam crypto driver by defaultKim Phillips
2011-08-30powerpc/85xx: enable the audio drivers in the defconfigsTimur Tabi
2011-08-29remove remaining references to nfsservctlStephen Rothwell
2011-08-25arch/powerpc/sysdev/fsl_rio.c: correct IECSR register clear valueLiu Gang-B34182
2011-08-11powerpc: Really fix build without CONFIG_PCIBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2011-08-05powerpc: Fix build without CONFIG_PCIBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2011-08-05powerpc/4xx: Fix build of PCI code on 405Benjamin Herrenschmidt
2011-08-05powerpc/pseries: Simplify vpa deregistration functionsAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc/pseries: Cleanup VPA registration and deregistration errorsAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc/pseries: Fix kexec on recent firmware versionsAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc: Make KVM_GUEST default to nAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc/kvm: Fix build errors with older toolchainsNishanth Aravamudan
2011-08-05powerpc: Lack of ibm,io-events not that important!Anton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc: Move kdump default base address to half RMO size on 64bitAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc/perf: Disable pagefaults during callchain stack readDavid Ahern
2011-08-05ppc: Remove duplicate definition of PV_POWER7Peter Zijlstra
2011-08-05powerpc: pseries: Fix kexec on machines with more than 4TB of RAMAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc: Jump label misalignment causes oops at bootAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc: Clean up some panic messages in prom_initAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc: Fix device tree claim codeAnton Blanchard
2011-08-05powerpc: Return the_cpu_ spec from identify_cpuScott Wood
2011-08-05powerpc: mtspr/mtmsr should take an unsigned longScott Wood
2011-08-03Merge branch 'apei' into apei-releaseLen Brown
2011-08-03Add Kconfig option ARCH_HAVE_NMI_SAFE_CMPXCHGHuang Ying
2011-07-26Merge branch 'next/cross-platform' of git:// Torvalds
2011-07-26atomic: cleanup asm-generic atomic*.h inclusionArun Sharma
2011-07-26atomic: move atomic_add_unless to generic codeArun Sharma
2011-07-26atomic: use <linux/atomic.h>Arun Sharma
2011-07-26asm-generic: add another generic ext2 atomic bitopsAkinobu Mita
2011-07-26ptrace: unify show_regs() prototypeMike Frysinger