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2021-11-09ARM: configs: apalis-imx6: fix android config apalis_imx6_android_defconfigtoradex_4.9-2.3.x-imx-nexttoradex_4.9-2.3.x-imxDenys Drozdov
2021-11-08ARM: mach-imx6q: add ksz9131rn_phy_fixupPhilippe Schenker
2020-06-04ARM: colibri-im6ull: enable on-module bluetoothColibri-iMX7_LXDE-Image_2.8b7.-20200610Colibri-iMX6_LXDE-Image_2.8b7.-20200610Colibri-iMX6ULL_LXDE-Image_2.8b7.-20200610Apalis-iMX6_LXDE-Image_2.8b7.-20200610Oleksandr Suvorov
2020-05-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/fslc/4.9-2.3.x-imx' into toradex_4.9-2....Marcel Ziswiler
2020-05-19Merge tag 'v4.9.220' into 4.9-2.3.x-imxMarcel Ziswiler
2020-05-14arm64: defconfig: enable options required for backportsOleksandr Suvorov
2020-05-14arm64: defconfig: disable wireless driversOleksandr Suvorov
2020-05-14ARM: apalis/colibri-imx6/7/6ull: disable wireless driversOleksandr Suvorov
2020-05-14ARM: apalis/colibri-imx6/7/6ull: enable options required for backportsOleksandr Suvorov
2020-05-08ARM: dts: colibri-imx6ull: Use pull-down for adc pinsPhilippe Schenker
2020-04-24x86/vdso: Fix lsl operand orderSamuel Neves
2020-04-24x86/microcode/intel: replace sync_core() with native_cpuid_reg(eax)Evalds Iodzevics
2020-04-24x86/CPU: Add native CPUID variants returning a single datumBorislav Petkov
2020-04-24KVM: s390: vsie: Fix possible race when shadowing region 3 tablesDavid Hildenbrand
2020-04-24powerpc/maple: Fix declaration made after definitionNathan Chancellor
2020-04-24s390/cpuinfo: fix wrong output when CPU0 is offlineAlexander Gordeev
2020-04-24arm64: cpu_errata: include required headersArnd Bergmann
2020-04-24kvm: x86: Host feature SSBD doesn't imply guest feature SPEC_CTRL_SSBDJim Mattson
2020-04-24powerpc/fsl_booke: Avoid creating duplicate tlb1 entryLaurentiu Tudor
2020-04-24powerpc/64/tm: Don't let userspace set regs->trap via sigreturnMichael Ellerman
2020-04-24s390/diag: fix display of diagnose call statisticsMichael Mueller
2020-04-24arm64: armv8_deprecated: Fix undef_hook mask for thumb setendFredrik Strupe
2020-04-24KVM: VMX: fix crash cleanup when KVM wasn't usedVitaly Kuznetsov
2020-04-24KVM: VMX: Always VMCLEAR in-use VMCSes during crash with kexec supportSean Christopherson
2020-04-24KVM: x86: Allocate new rmap and large page tracking when moving memslotSean Christopherson
2020-04-24KVM: s390: vsie: Fix delivery of addressing exceptionsDavid Hildenbrand
2020-04-24KVM: s390: vsie: Fix region 1 ASCE sanity shadow address checksDavid Hildenbrand
2020-04-24x86/entry/32: Add missing ASM_CLAC to general_protection entryThomas Gleixner
2020-04-24MIPS: OCTEON: irq: Fix potential NULL pointer dereferenceGustavo A. R. Silva
2020-04-24acpi/x86: ignore unspecified bit positions in the ACPI global lock fieldJan Engelhardt
2020-04-24x86/boot: Use unsigned comparison for addressesArvind Sankar
2020-04-15ARM: dts: imx6ull-colibri: fix vqmmc regulatorMax Krummenacher
2020-04-15ARM: dts (ds): imx6ull-colibri: Use wifi from mainlinePhilippe Schenker
2020-04-15colibri-imx6ull: add fsl,tuning-start-tap propertyIgor Opaniuk
2020-04-15ARM: dts: Add stmpe-adc DT node to Toradex iMX6 modulesPhilippe Schenker
2020-04-15ARM: dts: add recovery for I2C for iMX7Oleksandr Suvorov
2020-04-15ARM: dts: add recovery mode for all I2C busesOleksandr Suvorov
2020-04-15ARM: dts: imx6q: correct SDMA script type for spi5Oleksandr Suvorov
2020-04-13arm64: Fix size of __early_cpu_boot_statusArun KS
2020-04-02arm64: alternative: fix build with clang integrated assemblerIlie Halip
2020-04-02ARM: dts: omap5: Add bus_dma_limit for L3 busRoger Quadros
2020-04-02ARM: dts: dra7: Add bus_dma_limit for L3 busRoger Quadros
2020-04-02KVM: VMX: Do not allow reexecute_instruction() when skipping MMIO instrSean Christopherson
2020-04-02arm64: smp: fix smp_send_stop() behaviourCristian Marussi
2020-04-02x86/mm: split vmalloc_sync_all()Joerg Roedel
2020-04-02ARM: dts: dra7: Add "dma-ranges" property to PCIe RC DT nodesKishon Vijay Abraham I
2020-04-02powerpc: Include .BTF sectionNaveen N. Rao
2020-03-20ARM: 8958/1: rename missed uaccess .fixup sectionKees Cook
2020-03-20ARM: 8957/1: VDSO: Match ARMv8 timer in cntvct_functional()Florian Fainelli
2020-03-20perf/amd/uncore: Replace manual sampling check with CAP_NO_INTERRUPT flagKim Phillips