path: root/drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-core.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-08-02iwlagn: 5000 do not support idle modeWey-Yi Guy
2011-07-21iwlagn: remove "disable otp refresh" W/AWey-Yi Guy
2011-07-21iwlagn: iwl_bus holds drv_data as void * instead of iwl_privEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-21iwlagn: kill iwlagn_setup_deferred_workEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-21iwlagn: kill iwlagn_rx_handler_setupEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-16iwlagn: move tx transport functions to iwl-trans-tx-pcie.cEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-16iwlagn: move rx transport functions to iwl-trans-rx-pcie.cEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-16iwlagn: remove indirection for iwlagn_hw_valid_rtc_data_addrFry, Donald H
2011-07-16iwlagn: comments for iwl_cfgWey-Yi Guy
2011-07-16iwlagn: another double indirect removedWey-Yi Guy
2011-07-16iwlagn: remove dual-indirect call to simply the codeWey-Yi Guy
2011-07-11iwlagn: remove iwlagn_hcmd_utils structure and call directlyDon Fry
2011-07-11iwlagn: remove double level temperature indirect callWey-Yi Guy
2011-07-11iwlagn: remove the indirection for iwl_apm_initFry, Donald H
2011-07-11iwlagn: remove the indirection for update_chain_flagsFry, Donald H
2011-07-11iwlagn: consolidate the API that sends host commands and move to transportEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-11iwlagn: add an API for TX stopEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-11iwlagn: add an API to free the TX contextEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-01iwlagn: remove hcmd opsWey-Yi Guy
2011-07-01iwlagn: move the tx allocation funcs to the transport layerEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-01iwlagn: introduce transport layer and implement rx_initEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-07-01iwlagn: add module parameter to disable stuck queue watchdog timerWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-24iwlagn: fill beacon TX rate properlyJohannes Berg
2011-06-18iwlagn: Add power_level module parameterWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-18iwlagn: add power_save module parameterWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-18iwlagn: move PCI power related functions to the PCI layerWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-18iwlagn: add a iwl_pci.[ch] files that will contain all PCI specific codeEmmanuel Grumbach
2011-06-18iwlagn: Remove un-necessary indirect callWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-11iwlagn: use sku capabilities information from EEPROMWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-11iwlagn: move no_sleep_autoadjust as part of iwlagn_mod_paramsWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-11iwlagn: move led_mode as part of iwlagn_mod_paramsWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-11iwlagn: move bt_coex_active as part of iwlagn_mod_paramsWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-07Merge branch 'master' of git:// W. Linville
2011-06-03iwlagn: call commit_rxon function directlyWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-03iwlagn: direct call to post_scan functionWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-03iwlagn: set smps mode after assoc for 1000 deviceWey-Yi Guy
2011-06-03iwlagn: fix channel switch lockingStanislaw Gruszka
2011-06-01iwlagn: remove un-necessary tx power opsWey-Yi Guy
2011-05-13iwlagn: clean up TXQ indirectionJohannes Berg
2011-05-06iwlagn: remove bytecount indirectionJohannes Berg
2011-05-06iwlagn: remove get_hcmd_size indirectionJohannes Berg
2011-04-30iwlagn: remove un-necessary debugfs callbackWey-Yi Guy
2011-04-30iwlagn: mod param cleanupDon Fry
2011-04-30iwlagn: make rxon_assoc static functionWey-Yi Guy
2011-04-30iwlagn: avoid hangs when restarting deviceJohannes Berg
2011-04-18iwlagn: remove led_opsWey-Yi Guy
2011-04-18iwlagn: remove legacy opsWey-Yi Guy
2011-04-18iwlagn: remove un-necessary ieee80211_opsWey-Yi Guy
2011-04-18iwlagn: temperature should be measure for all _agn devicesWey-Yi Guy
2011-04-18iwlagn: always support uCode traceWey-Yi Guy