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2015-03-12media: fix work of analog camerasWojciech Bieganski
2015-02-10Prevent null pointer dereferenceMariusz Glebocki
2015-02-09apalis_t30: fix work of MIPI-CSI2 cameras after merging 'l4t-r16-r2' branchWojciech Bieganski
2015-02-03Revert "mmc: card: retry if transfer aborted due to out of range"Marcel Ziswiler
2015-02-03mmc: card: increase command retries to 10 from 3Varun Wadekar
2015-02-03mmc: core: Retry if data commands fail with errorMayuresh Kulkarni
2015-02-03mmc: Add tracepoints of mmc block operationsKen Sumrall
2015-02-03mmc: core: new discard feature support at Samsung eMMC v4.41+.singhome_lee
2015-02-03eMMC: Fix electric leakage SDMMC4_DAT0~DAT7 in Nakasisimon_chuang
2015-02-03[PATCH 3/3] mmc: host: sdhci: abort suspend if host suspend fails.kirt_hsieh
2015-02-03eMMC: Enable deferred resume functionban_feng
2015-02-03eMMC: Add more debugging messagesban_feng
2015-02-03eMMC: Add Product revision, Sector count and driver init logban_feng
2015-01-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/nvidia/l4t/l4t-r16-r2' into tegra-nextMarcel Ziswiler
2015-01-09media: Added Analog Devices ADV7280 video decoder driverWojciech Bieganski
2014-12-18video: tegra: fb: fix pixel clock polarityMarcel Ziswiler
2014-12-18apalis/colibri_t20/t30: hdmi: fix dc disable stateMarcel Ziswiler
2014-12-09mmc: Allow forward compatibility for eMMCRomain Izard
2014-12-09mmc: core: Update the ext-csd.rev check for eMMC5.1Yuvaraj Kumar C D
2014-11-24media: adv7180 now works at 25 fpsWojciech Bieganski
2014-10-28video: tegra: nvmap: prevent null pointer dereferenceColibri_T30_LinuxImageV2.3Beta3_20141031Colibri_T20_LinuxImageV2.3Beta3_20141031Apalis_T30_LinuxImageV2.3Beta3_20141031Mariusz Glebocki
2014-10-28mmc: tegra: mark host as CMD23 capableStefan Agner
2014-09-03uvcvideo: Add a mapping for H.264 payloadsStephan Lachowsky
2014-08-04Revert "fbcon: workaround full screen custom boot logo issue and disable cursor"Colibri_T30_LinuxImageV2.3Beta1_20140804Colibri_T20_LinuxImageV2.3Beta1_20140804Apalis_T30_LinuxImageV2.3Beta1_20140804colibriMarcel Ziswiler
2014-08-04fbcon: workaround full screen custom boot logo issue and disable cursorRaul Munoz
2014-08-04Revert "fbcon: workaround full screen boot-logo issue"Marcel Ziswiler
2014-08-01nvmap: fix test condition to avoid infinite looptegra-l4t-r16-er-2014-08-01daily-2014.08.04.3_l4t/l4t-r16Bibek Basu
2014-07-31media: tegra_v4l2_camera: use FRAME_START syncptBryan Wu
2014-07-31video: tegra: host: power module before accessBibek Basu
2014-07-31video: tegra: nvhost: validate nvmap_handle_refBibek Basu
2014-07-21mmc: card: retry if transfer aborted due to out of rangeStefan Agner
2014-07-21mmc: tegra: use 1.8V quirk only on affected instancesStefan Agner
2014-07-14fbcon: workaround full screen boot-logo issueRaul Munoz
2014-07-08media: vi driver on Colibri T20 is working againWojciech Bieganski
2014-07-08media: AS0260 camera driver improvementsWojciech Bieganski
2014-06-04media: video: fix clock settings for Tegra VI driverBryan Wu
2014-06-04Added continuous mode capture supportAlex Feinman
2014-05-28mmc: Prevent 1.8V switch for SD hosts that don't support UHS modes.Al Cooper
2014-05-28mmc: sdhci: add quirk for lack of 1.8v supportJeetesh Burman
2014-05-08media: enabled CSI mode in AS0260 camera driverWojciech Bieganski
2014-05-05tegra_wdt: support default watchdog apiJeetesh Burman
2014-04-29arm: tegra: dc: disable dc when framebuffer off detectedStefan Agner
2014-04-22can: mcp251x: fix locking in BERR counter functionalityMarcel Ziswiler
2014-04-22media: added improved Aptina AS0260 driverWojciech Bieganski
2014-04-22media: image from analog cameras is back to full speedWojciech Bieganski
2014-04-22media: added camera settings per decoderWojciech Bieganski
2014-04-04media: a quick fix to make tegra_v4l2_camera module reloadableWojciech Bieganski
2014-04-04media: tegra_v4l2: add CSI pad calibrationBryan Wu
2014-04-04media: tegra_v4l2: add dual camera supportBryan Wu
2014-04-04media: tegra_v4l2: pass platform_data via soc_camera_linkBryan Wu