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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-08Merge tag 'v4.14.170' into 4.14-2.3.x-imxMarcel Ziswiler
2020-02-07Merge tag 'v4.14.164' into 4.14-2.3.x-imxMarcel Ziswiler
2020-02-05btrfs: do not zero f_bavail if we have available spaceJosef Bacik
2020-02-05reiserfs: Fix memory leak of journal device stringJan Kara
2020-02-05ext4: validate the debug_want_extra_isize mount option at parse timeTheodore Ts'o
2020-02-05vfs: fix do_last() regressionAl Viro
2020-01-29do_last(): fetch directory ->i_mode and ->i_uid before it's too lateAl Viro
2020-01-27affs: fix a memory leak in affs_remountNavid Emamdoost
2020-01-27afs: Fix large file supportMarc Dionne
2020-01-27btrfs: use correct count in btrfs_file_write_iter()Omar Sandoval
2020-01-27Btrfs: fix inode cache waiters hanging on path allocation failureFilipe Manana
2020-01-27Btrfs: fix inode cache waiters hanging on failure to start caching threadFilipe Manana
2020-01-27Btrfs: fix hang when loading existing inode cache off diskFilipe Manana
2020-01-27signal: Allow cifs and drbd to receive their terminating signalsEric W. Biederman
2020-01-27ext4: set error return correctly when ext4_htree_store_dirent failsColin Ian King
2020-01-27cifs: fix rmmod regression in cifs.ko caused by force_sig changesSteve French
2020-01-27signal/cifs: Fix cifs_put_tcp_session to call send_sig instead of force_sigEric W. Biederman
2020-01-27afs: Fix the afs.cell and afs.volume xattr handlersDavid Howells
2020-01-27NFS: Don't interrupt file writeout due to fatal errorsTrond Myklebust
2020-01-27jfs: fix bogus variable self-initializationArnd Bergmann
2020-01-27NFSv4/flexfiles: Fix invalid deref in FF_LAYOUT_DEVID_NODE()Trond Myklebust
2020-01-27NFS/pnfs: Bulk destroy of layouts needs to be safe w.r.t. umountTrond Myklebust
2020-01-27NFS: Fix a soft lockup in the delegation recovery codeTrond Myklebust
2020-01-27fs/nfs: Fix nfs_parse_devname to not modify it's argumentEric W. Biederman
2020-01-27exportfs: fix 'passing zero to ERR_PTR()' warningYueHaibing
2020-01-27xfs: Sanity check flags of Q_XQUOTARM callJan Kara
2020-01-23reiserfs: fix handling of -EOPNOTSUPP in reiserfs_for_each_xattrJeff Mahoney
2020-01-23btrfs: fix memory leak in qgroup accountingJohannes Thumshirn
2020-01-17ocfs2: call journal flush to mark journal as empty after journal recovery whe...Kai Li
2020-01-17f2fs: fix potential overflowChao Yu
2020-01-17NFSv4.x: Drop the slot if nfs4_delegreturn_prepare waits for layoutreturnTrond Myklebust
2020-01-17btrfs: simplify inode locking for RWF_NOWAITGoldwyn Rodrigues
2020-01-17cifs: Adjust indentation in smb2_open_fileNathan Chancellor
2020-01-17cifs: Fix lease buffer length errorZhangXiaoxu
2020-01-14chardev: Avoid potential use-after-free in 'chrdev_open()'Will Deacon
2020-01-12fs: avoid softlockups in s_inodes iteratorsEric Sandeen
2020-01-09fix compat handling of FICLONERANGE, FIDEDUPERANGE and FS_IOC_FIEMAPAl Viro
2020-01-09xfs: don't check for AG deadlock for realtime files in bunmapiOmar Sandoval
2020-01-09nfsd4: fix up replay_matches_cache()Scott Mayhew
2020-01-09locks: print unsigned ino in /proc/locksAmir Goldstein
2020-01-09pstore/ram: Write new dumps to start of recycled zonesAleksandr Yashkin
2020-01-09xfs: fix mount failure crash on invalid iclog memory accessBrian Foster
2020-01-04filldir[64]: remove WARN_ON_ONCE() for bad directory entriesLinus Torvalds
2020-01-04Make filldir[64]() verify the directory entry filename is validLinus Torvalds
2020-01-04userfaultfd: require CAP_SYS_PTRACE for UFFD_FEATURE_EVENT_FORKMike Rapoport
2020-01-04ocfs2: fix passing zero to 'PTR_ERR' warningDing Xiang
2020-01-04fs/quota: handle overflows of sysctl fs.quota.* and report as unsigned longKonstantin Khlebnikov
2020-01-04f2fs: fix to update dir's i_pino during cross_renameChao Yu
2020-01-04jbd2: Fix statistics for the number of logged blocksJan Kara
2020-01-04ext4: update direct I/O read lock pattern for IOCB_NOWAITMatthew Bobrowski